Well. We played Chop Suey...and by all indications, we did a pretty good job! We debuted two new songs, "No Suicide" and "Ralph Nader as an Infant/Intoxicated" (or something like that). I was a little brain dead from lack of sleep, but managed not to embarass myself or the band too much. The headliners, The Senate Arcade seemed to really dig us and told Matt they'd like to play some gigs with us...cool. I missed their set, cause I had to go to work.
I'd like to thank all those who came out to support us. Next, Ride cover night!

Tonight is the first Thursday of the month which means the Pioneer Square Art Walk was in effect. Tracy and I went to meet Louise at Terrafazione in Pioneer Square. We hit several galleries and then wandered into the 619 building which is always happening. Louise was cracking me up with her single-minded pursuit of booze. I ran into a bunch of people I know, including my cousin David. Tab was in the house (Honey, don't do it! He's a heartbreaker!!) and my old coworkers Daron and Dona. I didn't see much that floored me this time, but then I've been awake for a loooong time. Tracy and I bailed around 8 and came home to watch Smackdown!

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