Folks, while I am quite bummed at the utter FAILURE of the President to make a compelling case for war (despite going ahead with it anyway), yours truly is turning his attention to other things that matter. Spring has sprung (if I may borrow a line from an old Echo and the Bunnymen song) and my spirits are lifted by the lengthening days and blossoming trees and flowers.
I had thought about writing a lengthy rant about the current situation, but then I figure most of you made of your minds a long time ago and nothing I say could change it and heck, y’all know how I feel by now, anyway.
So, that said, I don’t know what is coming. This may turn out OK (in the short run) or be the beginning of the End Of Thing As We Know Them (we’re gonna have to deal with North Korea soon, y’know-and that ham-handed know-nothing fratboy (yeah, I said it!) in office doesn’t exactly fill me with confidence), but I’d like to take this time to tell those close to me (You know who you are) that I love them and hope that all of us manage to stay out of harm’s way.
Until we meet again, I ask that you continue to read, look, listen, think, snatch joy wherever you can and take everything with a grain of salt.
If I was a religious man, I’d say I’d be praying for you, but I’m not. So instead I will continue to have phaith, and pursue the unknown end.

That’s all.

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