How my mind works...

A few days ago, I decided I wanted to purchase a new PC game. I read up on what was out there and decided on "Freelancer", a fairly open-ended space shooter. (Reviewed here). Anyway, the game was a bit of a splurge and I figured since I didn't NEED the game, I would introduce a little of a randomness and/or chance into the matter by restricting myself to one or two stores. I decided on Wal-Mart and Fred Meyer. Now, while both of these stores usually carry a pretty decent selection, games do not comprise a significant enough amount of the store's busines so that they would need to have "the latest" on hand, thus suiting my purposes perfectly.
My mistake, (of course) was communicating all this to Frito.

You could go to CompUSA in SouthCenter...
Ah, no...
Dood, why don't you just order it off the net? (gesticulating wildly at Amazon's website, where Freelancer could be found used for $20 cheaper than list.)
I don't wanna order it off the net...
But why? Then you'd get it for sure!
Naah, that defeats the whole purpose of this little exercise.
Then why are you going? You must not want it that bad.
See, I want it...but it's $50. I could buy a lot of PBR for fitty bucks. It's like that line in that Parliament song, "If I didn't cop, then it wasn't mine to have"-Get it?"
No. I don't. You could get it online (used!) for 20 bucks cheaper and not only do you not want to do that, but you don' event want to go to a store where you'd be sure to get it!
(Nodding) Tha's right.
(long pause)
You're crazy.
Sigh. (wondering now why I have to justify a perfectly tried-and-true method to someone who obviously does not understand the concept of "purposely delayed gratification")
I'm going to explain it one last time. OK? Imagine you're on a diet. But there's this REALLY excellent chocolate you have a craving for. There's a store close by that stocks it on occasion, but there's another store further away that always has it...

You go to the second store...you've already decided to break your diet!
That has nothing to do with it!
Yes it does. You've already decided to break your diet, so why don't you go to the place you know will have it for sure?!
Because if you go to the first store, there's a chance it won't be there AND THEN you can still maintain your diet!
(Putting on his coat and heading out the door.) You're insane!
(Drawing myself up to full height) I am the sanest person I know...
(The door slams as Frito heads off to work)

...But that's not saying much.

So I leather up and ride south to Renton. Freddy's didn't have it, but Wal-Mart did! So here I sit, $50 poorer but...happy?!

(Later, at the Cobalt Cafe, Frito tells the story to Tess and Laurie B., who agreed with me! So did Neil, who added that he does the exact same thing all the time!)

This weekend wadn't anything special. Frito and I went meet up with some of the Sun|Tzu heads at the Cobalt Cafe and have a few before going to catch The Guest Stars at The Mars Bar and Venus Cafe. They played a loose, goofy set but they seemed well received. I miss Adam, so it was good to shoot the shit with him. Annie R., my favoritest female in the whole world was in the set...so I was quite happy. She told me that we don't see each other enough-I concur! We'll have to work on that. Frito and I went back to the Cobalt and hung with Paul and watched people dance to the salsa and samba influenced house Jason and Miss Kick were spinning.
I didn't do much Saturday. I was supposed to go to Bremerton, but I couldn't muster the energy. Frito and I watched "Glengarry Glen Ross" and then I actually went to bed around 6:30 and didn't wake up until 7AM. I went to band practice, then work.

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