I did something stupid over the weekend. Not illegal stupid. Just embarrassing-I-shoulda-known-better stupid. But in the aftermath, I thought about some things in a way that I hadn't before. And that was good!

Wouldn't it be great if incompetant and/or criminal public offcials had to commit seppuku for fucking up?

I ran into one of my best friends from my formative years yesterday. We chatted for a bit in the street before we had to get back to our lives. He was a bit weirded out, because I'd been on his mind recently. I know where he works, I'm pretty easy to find...I wonder why we didn't try before then? We're gonna hook up for breakfast on Wednesday...I wonder if we'll keep in touch this time?

I was on my way to meet Laura, upstairs at the University Bookstore. As I came up the stairs, the clerk saw me and called my name. I was a bit late, due to running into my friend and Laura had told the clerk that she was "looking for a big black man."
"Aren't we all, honey", was his reply.

The weather here is in transition...but if you're from the Northwest, you know that the transition will probably be over around the second or third week of July. Still, it was wonderful to see the clouds break and feel the warmth of the sun on my face as I rode home, even if it was for a few fleeting moments.

I bought Dr. Israel vs. Dr. X a few days ago. My verdict? A Righteous Tower of Six Ton Dub...Urban Reggae spiked with a little D & B, pop and whathaveya. Israel keeps getting better and I hope he'll deliver his masterpiece soon.

My former co-worker and his lovely, warm and wonderful wife, Kim are gonna have a baby. I wrote and asked him, “How did that happen?!”
He said, “Not quite sure. I went to the store for a six-pack...told her I'd be right back...and BAM! Pregnant.”
That kid is lucky, lemme tell ya!

I am tired. I got lousy sleep yesterday. I’m somewhat cheered by finally being over the “hump” and knowing that I get an extra day off this weekend. I’m restless and bored too…a bad combination for being out on the roads on a two-wheeled vehicle. So I guess I’ll eat some Mocha Gelato and go to bed…

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