So this weekend I decided that I wanted to try a Durian, the supposed “King of Fruits”. I’d first heard of Durian on Metafilter (Hi Alex!) and when I came across an article on Durian OnLine about the guy who started the Viet Wah Market on Jackson St. and how he was responsible for getting them allowed into the country, my interest was really piqued.
I met Laura, my nemesis/partner-in-crime at Uwajimaya and picked out a nice-looking 5 pounder. The Durian is about the size of a football, perhaps a little bigger, and covered with small spikes. Then there’s the smell. I knew it was supposed to smell bad, but these weren’t too awful. It smelled faintly of rotting garbage…Yeah, I know. Like Haggis, Fugu and potato chips made with Olestra, this was Stu and I like to call “Food on a Dare”.
Another thing that made this little adventure even more extraordinary, is that I normally avoid fresh fruit. I know, I know, it’s good for me and all…but to my sometimes (Ha!) fuzzy logic, fruit is like cheating. Of course you’re supposed to like it, it’s sweet and juicy and refreshing. Pah. To me, Real Men get their veggies and leave the froot stuff to the pantywaists! See, I told you my logic was fuzzy…
Anyway, I got the thing home and waited awhile before I cracked it open. When I did, I selected the sharpest knife in our arsenal and cut into the grayish-brown hull lengthwise.
It gave fairly easily, revealing the yellow custard-like interior. The hull was divided into sections, with a big brown chestnut-like seed in each section.
I scooped the interior stuff onto a plate and tasted it. It was like pudding but fruity. The taste was fairly complex as well. Each bite was a little different in sweetness and intensity…but then the smell started to get to me. For real, if you wanna know what it was like, try eating overripe or pureed bananas mixed with sugar and vanilla over a full garbage can sometime.
I couldn’t take it.
I imagine the Durian would be really good in ice cream or a milkshake. But I was so put off that I couldn’t imagine eating any more, so I wrapped to whole thing in plastic that threw it away. Even after I brushed my teeth thoroughly, it took several PBR’s at the Baltic Room to get the smell/taste out of my mouth!
I supposed if I could get my hands on a fresh Durian, I might know why people in SE Asia go nuts for it. Until then, I’m going back to my arugula…

I spent a good chunk of Saturday with Tabitha. Jeez, she and I fight like cats and dogs, only to have some sort of breakthrough and greater understanding. I learned more about her in those few hours than I had in the last couple of years! We went out for lunch, then went to pick up a couch. I got to see her new place. The weather was sort of cooperating which made for a lovely day. But she messed up. See, her place is far enough away to make for really pleasant bike ride and I suspect I may be “dropping in” on nice days from here on out. Nonetheless, we had a good time and she sent me home with some cookies.
After band practice, I went down to Imperial Lanes to do a little bowling and celebrate Karen M.’s 31st birthday. We had ice cream, cake, blueberry pie and lots of beer.
I wound up with the Strike King award for having the highest overall score in two games.
I had to ride home with a painted bowling pin jammed in my leather jacket!
When I got home, I had a message from Frito. He’s down at SXSW and had gone to see Clem Snide. He played an entire song by them on the vmail, and it sounded pretty wrad!
I didn’t do much yesterday, aside from watching Road Rules/Real World Fantasy Challenge: “Battle of the Sexes”. I rooted for the boys of course a lusted after the extremely cute but evil Emily.
Then I went to Suze’s for dinner and WWE Sunday Night Heat/Real World Las Vegas/Alias before I trotted off to work.

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