Well, things with the move are at a standstill while I wait for some technical info...it may be awhile, I'm working an extra day this week as I get into my new work schedule.
Yesterday, it was so nice when I got home I decided to hop on the bike and go for a ride. I stopped by a couple of record stores in hopes of getting the new Stratford 4 and Pole CD's, but it was a wash. So I stopped by the Noodle Ranch for Red Curry with Yams and Chicken, which was excellent, as always. Of course the weather started to take a turn for the worse on the way home, but I made it without getting soaked. I was about to go to bed when Stu emailed me and said he had an extra ticket for King Crimson at the Moore! The show started at 7:30, so I'd make it to work on time! WhooHoo!
I tried to sleep, but couldn't. I met Stu at the Moore and we went to our seats about 3 rows from the back in the balcony and watched the show. Adrian Belew, "local guy" Trey Gunn, Robert Fripp and that guy from Mr. Mister made a pretty furious racket, though not on par with Wire's September show. The set was pretty evenly split between instrumentals and vocal numbers and the light show was fantastic.
I really couldn't tell what they played, Stu says it was all from the last three albums. The only songs I recognized were "Thrak" and "I'm a Dinosaur", which were both played during the encore (and made me VERY happy!) I WANT A WARR GUITAR!!
Stu and I were laughing at all the muso geeks and heshers in the audience. We were amazed that there were lots of women in the crowd, although they were still outnumbered 3 to 1 by the fellas, it was remarkable for prog-rock gig. I spotted three other black folks (two women and a man), even! Now that's amazing!
We ran into Suze after the show. Looked like she was on a date, so we didn't embarrass her...next time, though!
I stopped at Ralph's for a roast beef and cheddar on sourdough and headed to work. I did OK until about 4AM. Kelly threw a paper airplane at me to keep me from drifting off! I did all the things I normally do to stay awake (run stairs, drink coffee, splash water on my face) but it just wasn't working! It was too warm in the room. Finally, the AC kicked on around 5 and I snapped out of it.

Ah well...

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