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Have you ever read any of Kurt Vonnegut’s stuff?? There is a short story, I
believe it is in the book Welcome to the Monkey House about how the next
step of human evolution is to “evolve” out of the body and exist as ethereal
timeless beings…
It’s a great story. Apparently there is this yearly ceremony where everyone
returns to the human forms (Which are stored specifically for this once a
year ceremony) for an Annual Parade…you should really read it. Vonnegut
doesn’t like to be categorized as sci fi. He says if you write books and
know how a refrigerator runs you get put in a file drawer labeled “science
fiction” and get pissed on.
But anyways. I have to make this email short, but you echo something that I
have thought for years.
Has the drive to evolve decreased as we have adapted our surroundings to our
current forms? It seems in the past evolution was driven by survival of the
fittest, mutations in species that had an advantage over the general
population of that species in regards to surroundings…now that we have
ergonomic keyboards, cars, Burger Kings, etc. there is really not a need to
evolve physically.
Where has that drive gone?
I dont believe it has dissapeared, or even diminished.
I believe, it has, like water, moved to the path of least resistance. The
It takes generations upon generations upon generations for physical
evolution to come to fruition.
The brain is amazingly adapable. Pick up any Do-It-Yourself ESP book. Within
the short span of just several months the brains capacity for accepting
directives such as astral projection (or, if that is too new-age-y for you,
simply the concept of “positive invisioning” manifesting its effects in the
physical plane of improving performance in something like playing a musical
passage, sports, etc.) is amazing. All the timelines for progress that hold
true for physical evolution are thrown out the window.

There is a great quote that I have written down somewhere. Goes something
along the lines of
The boundaries imposed to create a sense of individuality are but mental
constructs. Like the ocean seems to divide the continents into large
islands, under the water they are connected, just as individuals are
connected and indivisible from the collective conscious.

Except its much more eloquent and less clumsy. I will make it a point to
look it up and send it to you.

I look forward to expounding on this with you later…now I must run off to

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