Delirious Musings

I haven't updated 'cause there's nothing I could write about. However the weather is beautiful today and makes me wish I could hop on my bike and ride around the peninsula. Ah...maybe this summer.
I did, however have a sort of abstract thought one perhaps we could discuss when properly shitfaced sometime. Perhaps you've heard of Timewave Zero? And something called the Singularity? Well, I don't know how concepts of 'serendipity' and the 'six degrees of separation' fit in, but I have noticed (and this could be attributed to factors that are fairly commonplace) that lately I keep running into people who know people I know. Yeah, I know! Seattle's not that big, etc. But it seems to have accelerated...and I haven't made that many new friends lately. Also, I was thinking about empathy...because I was reading a blog by Brittney (In TN) and how she got sick a few days ago with something that sounds like what hit some folk in my office at the same time. Then I wondered about this Singularity...and empathy. What if somehow, the next step in human development (via natural means or the singularity) wasn't the ability to jump higher or run faster, but to truly feel each other? Wouldn't that be some far-shit? (I swear I'm not stoned.)
See, I've been a little disappointed in a lot of the science fiction I read. I mean William Gibson wrote about people running around with chips in their heads, able to access Cyberspace (or the Net) at will. But think about your cell phone and how much you depend on it. Could you imagine a device that pretty much allowed you to connect to anyone at anytime. One that would fit in your head. AND going further than that, imagine being able to share other peoples dreams, thoughts or personalities...or your emotional state. Or what if you could hack someone? What would that do to humanity? What would happen if you didn't have to talk at all? You walk into work and via your 'telepathic device' and brain software you know what's going on, who's sick, who's grumpy, who's busy...

Anyway, I wish I was a better writer-'cause that would be fun.

OK...I've obviously lost it...going to bed now.

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