Lately, I have craved nothing more than pancakes and bacon. Of course, Frito thinks I'm nuts...yet he always caves.

Dood. I'm hungry...let's get some pancakes.
What is it with you and pancakes! You can't eat them everyday!
(pouting) I don't know why not. I like them. I tell ya what, why don't we go down to the Silver Fork and have breakfast. I'll buy.
(We pile into Scott's car and head down the street.)
So are you gonna have the Soul Burger?
Nahh. I'm on a mission!
(We get seated and peruse the menu for several minutes.)
Whaadya have?

I'll have the Deluxe, with scrambled eggs, sourdough toast, four strips of bacon, link sausage and a stack.


BTW-the new blog is up. Frito did some tweaking and managed to get the thing working. I will be adding content at both places until I figure out how to get the archives moved over (hopefully by the end of the month). I will be adding pictures and updating and changing some links.
Commenting at the new page works, so if you wanna leave me a note-if only to call me a wanker, please do so!

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