NSC's Art-Bomb Set to Explode April 25th

Seattle's arts-events group is blowing up Capitol Hill

From the non-profit arts-event group who brought you 2001's FuseBall, 2002's Heaven and Hell Ball at Consolidated Works, and the Fremont Arts Council's annual Troll-a-go-go, comes Art-Bomb. The New Style Collective (NSC), known for producing stylish arts-laden benefits for other organizations, is throwing this event to support and expand its own programming. The NSC's Art-Bomb is designed to radically introduce new art from all disciplines to new audiences.

In the past, the NSC's fundraising event model was designed to benefit both the promoting organization and those who participate in the event. Art-Bomb is structured to solely benefit the participating artists themselves -- to support the arts by giving artists paying gigs. The focus of this event lies in the showcasing of talented local emerging artists in unique collaborations. Performers perform, artists exhibit their work, and a rapt audience experiences new art at its source.

Art-Bomb will include musical performances by: Pleaseeasaur; Plastiq Phantom People -- in this incarnation featuring Jeremiah Green (Modest Mouse, The Vells), Andy Sells (FCS North), DJ Suspense, and Sandra Castillo (Sindri); Nervewheel (w/ Bill Horist); Fey Ray; and the Sun|Tzu Sound Art Lounge with DJs AC Lewis, J-Justice & Atlee. 2-D artwork is provided by Chuck Dong & associates, with live painting by Q. Quigg and dance by the Hypnotica Dance Troupe in a never before seen collaboration with non-linear music composer Guy Whitmore.

Art-Bomb will take place on Friday, April 25th 2003, at 9 p.m. at the Capitol Hill Arts Center, located at 1621 12th Ave (12th and Pine -- the old Morningside School). Art-Bomb tickets are priced as follows: $10 in advance; $15 at the door ($12 in costume). Art-Bomb is an age 21 and over event with a full bar. More info will be available at www.newstylecollective.org.

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