Day one of recording went well. We got the basic drums down on 5 songs. I'm sure there will be some fussin' and tweakin' do be done, but all in all it was a good start.
I expected things to be more uptight, but we were all in a pretty good mood, it was beautiful out and Matt kept me cracking up by singing like Elvis on the scratch vocal.

On Saturday Frito and I goofed off, ran some errands and argued about if I actually cheated by taking SR 99 during our "race" home Friday night. I maintain that since no ground rules were laid down, whoever got home first, was the winner. He says that since I was on my motorcycle and he was on his scoot, we should've stuck to surface streets. Personally, I don't think it matters. My engine is six times bigger than his anyway. I could pass him at will, and the only thing that may have made a difference would've been my choice of route. Oh well. Maybe next time, buddy!

Yeah. Right.

Tab called Saturday evening and said she wanted to hang out. It was a lovely day, so I didn't bitch too much about having to ride to Richmond Beach. She and I went to a bar called The Cabin and had beers. We were later joined by Ashleigh, Laura and Michael. WE all got hungry and wound up driving up the hill in hopes of finding some food
and wound up at a Chinese Joint near Aurora. We get there right before the kitchen closed, but they hooked us up!
We ate, watched people singing Karaoke and yakked up a storm. The ride home was cold but it was all worth it.

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