We didn't care.
We didn't care, but They did. They had money and power and grand designs about what should be done with it. So they did what they wanted. We let them and They destroyed everything. There were a few who were paying attention, who tried to warn us. But we were busy with too many other things, or too eager to dismiss what we were hearing as fiction.
I was one of the lucky ones. I could Leave. I settled Here. In a big white house with picket fence on a wide, sunny street. My neighbors are people like me: Able To Leave.
It's pleasant here, but by no means is everything safe. I took a job with the local Rangers to help defend the borders from the Hordes. Sometimes several days go by before I have to kill anyone. The rest of the time I spend in my garden or fishing or flirting with Helen, my sexy next-door neighbor.
This is a strange place, but I guess it's suited to these times. E's "God's Eye's" float lazily across the sky. The weather is perfect, no matter what time if year it is. Even the storms are aesthetically pleasing. Everyone is so damned cheerful that I wonder if it's a huge put on. But then I think-Of course it is!
I had the weekend off so I spent the day cleaning and repairing my powered body armor. I'd decided to try some new ammo Jose, the block captain had told me about. While I was in the garage looking for some oil for the mini railgun, I saw something out of the corner of my eye: A photo album.

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