So I get to work Sunday night and find an email that says the tap water on our floor is brown and that we probably shouldn't drink it or make coffee with it. I dunno know about you, but if you ever worked nights you know coffee is fuckin' crucial to your well being. I use my deskmate's mug, which is the size of a small boat. But then the idea of drinking contaminated water does gross me out and probably explains why the coffee tastes like ass most of the time.
So I had to go up two floors to the company lunchroom and get a 20oz bottle of Coke, which mind you, is usually the freakin' caffiene dessert for me. I got home Monday morning and was nodding off while trying to read Salon at 9AM, so I packed it in and went to bed.
The situation had not changed when I got into work last night...but I'd gotten a good day's rest and decided I could deal. I bought a Coke and some bottled water and got to work. We were a little shorthanded 'cause the new hire doesn't start until tomorrow night and the boss was out. Fortunately, it wasn't too busy. Around 1AM, I put on Johnny Marr and the Healers new CD but after about three songs, Renee asked if we could hear a siren. I turned down the music and by Jove, we could...faintly. We all grabbed our stuff and headed up the stairs and outside. There wasn't a security guard in sight. After about 10 minutes, a firetruck showed up. I was wondering what took so long, as there are two fire stations within six blocks of the Dexter Horton building. The firefighters inside did not look happy to be there. Three of them got out of the truck and without a word, headed to the door. Renee let them in. We watched them as they got the elevator unlocked and then they disappeared. A couple of minutes after that, a guy in a construction hat came around the corner.
"AHA! Here's the real culprit!" I muttered.
The guy walked up to us and explained that his demo crew had accidentally ripped out a smoke detector while doing some work upstairs. We told him that the firemen were inside, but he didn't seem too concerned.
"This kinda stuff happens." He shrugged, then turn and went back the way he came.
On one hand, we were relieved that nothing serious had gone down but on the other hand-we'd barely heard the alarm. I was reminded of a few weeks prior when someone had announced a test of the fire alarm over the PA and we (down in the basement lab) couldn't hear anything. I didn't think about it much then. Now I'm kinda worried...
The security guard showed up just the really annoyed firemen were coming out of the building. We told them about what the construction guy said.
"Where is he now?" One of them growled, looking like he wanted to kick some ass.
We all pointed down the block.
The security guard said something about some construction, but the firefighters just ignored him. Without a word they went back to their truck and drove off.
We all went back to work.

Man, I'm sleepy.

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