Spring has sprung and I must mate. Or something like that. Actually, I have been wading in the dating pool but since I'm (heh) gen-tle-man (you in the peanut gallery! Stop laughing!!) I choose not to blog about it. "Why?" you ask. And that's a perfectly valid question...there comedy gold in them thar hills that I could be mining for all it's worth.
But I choose not to, for several reasons. Lemeebreakitdownforya:

I learned a long time ago that people often accept and reject each other for purely subjective and superficial reasons. I had a female friend who I've known for years, tell me recently that if she'd met me AFTER I'd gotten my motorcycle, she would've been AFTER me! Which led me to think that someone who hook up with me based soley on my choice of transportation is certainly someone I should avoid. (Thanks for outing yourself, BTW)
Somehow we all fancy ourselves having a "type". Mine would be a tall, curvy, brunette in the Kari Wuhrer/Dana Delany/Jennifer Tilly/Isabella Rosellini/Olivia Williams/Rose McGowan mode. She'd look good in red and black, read quirky novels, be super smart and have great taste in music. Does that match anyone I've actually dated? No. Well...one. Sorta. Does that mean these women were flawed or somehow evil? No. Sometimes (a lot of times) people just don't fit. And I've noticed when a lot of people decide to write about their dating travails, they fail to acknowledge their neurosis, placing the blame entirely on the suitor (or suitee?!). It's easy to point out that duffel bag that she or he is carrying whist ignoring your own full set of Samsonite.

And then there's the "better deal" factor. When you're dating online, it's easy to get caught up in thinking there's something better if you wait long enough. I suppose that's fine if you're not into anything serious, but it's probably best to state that up front...like, right up front. Otherwise you wind up hedging your bet, holding back for the one who's going to make your toes curl with delight just by looking at you. Love at first sight and all that other crazy shit they sell you in Hallmark cards and pop songs. Personally, I believe attraction is good and necessary but trust, good communication, respect and being responsible for your own emotions are even more so. But then, I'm single, so what do I know?!

So you're probably asking. "What set you off on this tangent?!" Well, this. See, I know her...And no, we've never dated. See, what I want to know is why is it that when a woman spills the beans, (ala Bridget Jones Diary) it's all about empowerment. But when a man does the same, it's pathetic and contemptable? I'll withhold further comment but I'd like to hear your opinion sometime...drop me a line won'tcha?

In other news: My leg is recovering nicely. A lot of the stiffness and soreness in my muscles is gone. It's mostly my shins that hurt. It's a pity I can't see the bruises, 'cause I would've loved to have something to show you. It's like the time my friend Steve tried to convince me his hairline was receding by pointing out some millimeter wide distance on his forehead. I thought he was nuts and had good laugh at his expense. Anyway, I felt good enough to dance through Frito's set at Wig N Skirt and even if I was the only one doing so at the time (it was way early) I had a good time!

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