After 50 emails between Stu, Neil, Trish and Matt, we finally decided to meet at the Capitol Club to enjoy the sunshine, air and some booze. Trish had to flake out due to over booking, but the rest of us, later joined by Leslie and Tess had a great time. We also stopped by the Baltic Room, where Ryan announced that he'd quit his job and was headed overseas in two weeks...! Maria and her bulldog Arthur were in the house as was Laurie & Aaron.
Around 10, Neil and I headed out to Ballard to catch Sophie Tucker (a punk pop power trio), SushiRobo and Dolour. I talked to Arthur Roberts, SR's slickstupissonicscientist frontman for awhile, SushiRobo's second full-length will be out in September. Arthur says he's really happy with this one, as it sort of came about organically. The band record jam sessions and developed the songs from that. I noticed that Dave and Clay (guitar/Bass) are singing backing vox now. If you've never heard SushiRobo, you should! Not only are they nice guys but they sound like nothing else out there.
I bailed about halfway through Dolour's set, they played Rundgren/Raspberries style power pop, but the lead singer annoyed the hell out of me. He struck me as a Courtney Taylor-Taylor wannabe, but without his wry sense of humor. I dunno, the band seemed to be having an off night, brough on by a broken guitar string...or something.
Tonight, I mount my black steed and head south to visit Sheri and catch The Whip and Teen Chthulu. The Chadster and some of his bandmates should be in the hizzouse. Should be a hoot!

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