I thought I was stuck in a rut, just going through the motions and waiting for my chance to make some moves. But recently, I stuck my head up and realized there is a lot of stuff going on that doesn't deal with the war, the economy, etc.
In the last month, two of my friends got married in Hawaii, another couple had a baby, a couple of coworkers in my department bailed and I hear a third is headed for the door. Two friends had birthdays. Another left her husband. Two others are about to graduate from college with new degrees. My band is in the studio. Our lead singer and his wife are expecting their firstborn. Another friend got herself a nice aparment in the city.
I met a cool girl...and bought three pairs of shoes.
So I guess there was more going on than I'd thought.


Laura and I went to Maruta (Japanese deli in Georgetown) to get some lunch and then out to Alki for some sun. It was a little breezy out but glorious all the same. Later on, we went up to California Avenue and looked in a bunch of antique shops and stopped in at Easy Street Records. I picked up some dub CDs (Tonight we get in touch with Jah!)
As you probably know, Laura likes to give me a hard time. We were in one shop and she was looking at a pretty cool bracelet made from old-fashioned typewriter keys. I thought she'd made up her mind-having asked the lady to hold it for her while we bought CDs, but she was also condering a plainer bracelet made from small silver balls. She kept going back and forth, asking me for my opinion...which I refused to give for obvious reasons:
Men and Women have different aesthetic criterion and I usually don't stop to ponder if something is "cute" or not when buying something.
I may ask you if you like my new shoes, but I don't really care if you do or not...I like them and that's what matters to me.
Laura OTOH, wanted me to help her make up her mind...and I couldn't do it...she has to like her purchase and it shouldn't matter what I think.
Don't get me wrong, I'd tell her if a pair of pants made her ass look like she was wearing a diaper...but that's just common decency...right?
I swear we spent 30 minutes in the store with her pestering me for input and me refusing.
She finally picked the bracelet she wanted in the first place (and the one I really like! heh.) but I think she was ticked. So, we go to the coffee bar next door and while buying me a juice, this REALLY hot, olive-skinned beauty (who looked like the chick who plays "Jackie" on "That 70's Show") walks by me as I stand by the doors reading the Weekly. I naturally look up.
"I saw that!" She crows.
"Saw what?!" I says, stupidly playing innocent.
"You were checking out that girl!"
Now both baristas (females) are giving me the greasy eye. They think she's my girlfriend and I'm a cad who can't keep his eyes to himself. (Well, the second part is true.) Great.
I decide to up the ante.
"Look. You wanna fight?! I don't care if you're a girl. We can go outside and settle this right now!" I growl, shaking my fist at her.
The baristas are looking really pissed and uncomfortable. They don't know we do this practically every time we go out in public.
Laura just laughs and rolls her eyes.
Our drinks come up and after checking mine for barista spit (or worse) we're on our way home.
A fine day, indeed.

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