I'm so happy I could cry...wait. I am crying!!


Dan The Man writes:

Our big shindig this weekend, Saturday night Pike and 10th! 3 great
spaces, 10 DJ's, Live 6 piece Persian music from Shourangzee...and
don't miss NAKED SUSHI at midnight in the garden of earthly delights!
The party of the year!!
$10 at the door in COSTUME, $12 w/o. think "Beyond Belief" for costume
9ap - 4am
21 and over, sorry kids. Bring ID, cash bars in all locations.


RAPTURE, this year's version of the Space Virgin's party is coming in just 3 days (Saturday the 26th).

That's right folks, on July 26th, the Space Virgins are throwing down with a 3 location party.

The first space "Temple of Mount Olympus" Oliwood Films 910 1/2 E. Pike St. is right behind the Shell Station and Miguel's Surplus Store at Pike and Broadway.

The second space "Hades", is around the corner in the old Groovetech space, now Fat Kid Studios 1417 N. 10th Ave.

The third space "Garden of Earthly Delights" (Chill Space) is across the street from the Fat Kid at Union Art Garage 1418 10th Ave.

Anyone who made it to last year's Space Virgin party (Like a Virgin) knows this is an event not to miss.

The flyers are printed, the decorations are being readied and the DJs are warming up their sets. . .

Nonstop breaks, progressive house and more with:
AC Lewis, J. Justice, Floorm@, Sherman, Brannon, DjML, CaseyAnn, Baz, Diem, Fauxfaux, PLUS live persian music all night in the Garden of Earthly Delights (Union Garage).


Another complication is that African-Americans are, on average, about 17 percent white: they have mitochondria (maternally inherited) that are African, but they often have European Y chromosomes.
Last Thursday was the deadline for mailing off my swap CD for the Metafilter Music Swap. I actually got mine in the mail (more or less) on time but because our printer ran out of ink, I didn't have a chance to make a cover.
So I'm going to post the set list here...and speaking of set lists...if you're in Seattle, please come out and catch my band Fey Ray at Graceland on Sunday, July 20th. We'll be playing with Femur and The Dandelion Method.

Mefi Mix 07/03:

1-2...5! - Monty Python's Flying Circus (From The Holy Grail)
Wrong - Archers of Loaf
This tune r0xors! It's the first song I'd heard by them and probably still my favorite.
Throne of Blood - Band of Susans
Clearly an 80's rock tune, but in a good way.
Big Shot - Bark Psychosis
Like a blurred photograph...dark and moody, just how I like it!
Umi Says - Mos Def (Zero 7 Remix)
Tired yet hopeful, like me...
The Return of Evil Bill - Clinic
I'd been unimpressed with what I'd heard from Clinic, until this song.
Aerodynamic - Art of Noise and Rakim
"Sumptin' y'all can compare to Baudelaire", indeed."
Heart's Desire - Don Blackman
Jazzy! Groovy! Elegant!!
The Simple Things Are Taking Over - Stratford 4
I've yet to get their album, but damn their bass player is cute!
Saturday - Sparklehorse
I dunno why but when Mark sings "You play great keyboards/On horses teeth", it makes me giggle.
Dub the Pum Pum - The Silvertones
I love the bass sound Scratch Perry got on this one-sends me into the stratosphere!
Sad Sack - Jake London**
A friend of ours (who's younger brother fronts the excellent Sanford Arms), he'd kill me if he knew I was sending it all over the globe!
Heaven Coming Down - The Tea Party
I know. Cheesy. Dinosaury. But so what?! I like 'em!
Far Side of Crazy - Wall of Voodoo
Sums me up at my worst, I think.
Clockwork - Roots Manuva
This cut is just badass. I think RM is totally overlooked in the States.
The Amorous Humphrey Plugg - Scott Walker
Sums up all my life's ambitions in one song!
What the Pillar of Salt Held Up - American Music Club
This one shore is purty...and killing me softly.
Stare at the Sky - Idaho
[We'll] Bootstrap [Our Way to the Stars] - NMVGPTS (nomovingparts)**
Another friend's band. I hope they'll become rock stars and let me roadie for them!

**unsigned local artist

That splattering sound you hear is the merde...hitting... tha...
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Good Grief! Elvis has a new record and a new woman?! I'm happy about one and bummed about the other...you can figure out which is which.


Whoa. Whadda weekend...Dudes, I thought I'd present you with this, an article on all things Dude.