Apparently, they've (whoever "they" are) have switched servers and somehow that's mucked up my connection to my MT blog. Until I get that sorted, I'll be posting here. Hoo. Ray.

Frito is having the backyard landscaped and the kitchen remodeled so the house is full of people banging, thumping and wacking. Of course, no one has sympathy for me, the guy who really needs to fucking sleep. Right now, I'm pounding the home brew we have in the downstair fridge in an attempt to get buzzed enough to sleep (pass out).

What these folks don't realize is that if they keep me up for too long, I'm gonna fuckin' loose my shit and won't be pretty.

But let's not dwell on that. There's plenty to be happy about.

I have in my hot big hands the new KILLING JOKE album...and I'm going to crank this fucker up!

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