Went to Lollapalooza 2003 on Saturday in Frito's shiny new blue and white Mini Cooper S. That thing has more gizmos than James Bond! I normally don't go to huge shows, because I believe you should be within spitting distance of the performer. But Frito got free (Free!) tickets and what better way to break in the car than a road trip to Enumclaw?!
We got to 'palooza in time for The Donnas, but still missed them because we were in line for $7 beers(!).
However, did manage to catch:

Jurassic 5 - A tight, clean set. Nice.
A Perfect Circle - I'm not a big TOOL fan, but they were pretty good. Maynard wore a long wig for most of the set.
Incubus - I hate these fuckers. Seriously. So I bailed and walked around the grounds and played some Xbox.
Audioslave - I'd dismissed them as a dumbed down Soundgarden but man, they put on a good show! They played covers by Funkadelic, Elvis Costello and the White Stripes too.
Jane's Addiction - eh. Perry gets oan mah tits. We stayed for 5 songs and then bailed.
I was disappointed I didn't get to see Queens of the Stone Age. That would've made my fookin' year! I guess they got tired of blowing everyone else off the stage every night, heh.
Oh, I saw James Iha on the grounds after A Perfect Circle's set. He's a tiny fucker.

I bought some new discs this weekend too.

Mclusky rules! Bow to your new Welsh masters.
TV on the Radio impress me more with each listen.
Rilo Kiley are awesome. I missed them when they came to town in July. Damn!

I'll have to listen to The Party of Helicopters and get back to yaze.

That is all.

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