Ain'tnobodygonnabreakamistride--Ain'tnobodygonnasloowmeedoowin, ohno!

So the weekend is here and I'm feeling kinda feisty. I guess we're going out tonight! There's this new place in Belltown then another new place on Capitol Hill!

Man, that first beer is gonna taste so friggin' good!

Cindy and Kim AND Kim's boyfriend are all in town from Detroit.

And the kitchen remodel is almost done!! The concrete countertops got poured day before yesterday and Dan & Wheezy are here now taking apart the frames. The concrete gets wrapped in plastic, so that it doesn't dry out too fast (and crack) and we have to leave it alone for a month. Then it gets dyed, sealed and a coat of beeswax.

Also, I finally got my computer problems sorta out. Nothing cleans the pipes like a fresh install of WXP!! I've got new sound and video cards in too!


Lost in Translation:

Last weekend, a (female) friend emailed me asking if I'd like to get together. We discussed going to Oktoberfest, but were a little put off at the cost-basically $20 to get in-plus whatever we were gonna spend on beer. Which is pretty crappy considering there's at least a half-dozen places to drink in Fremont. I was pretty psyched to see her regardless.
Also, my friend was bummin' 'cause a guy she was really hoping to go out with blew her off-among a couple of other things. I responded to her with my best Cary Tennis impression:

Ouch. That guy may have been looking for something quick and easy...and you're definitely not quick and easy. Please just blow it off. People accept and reject each other for really superficial reasons and there no rhyme or reason to it all except it leaves one wondering...and that's the hardest part.

I'm sorry to hear you're depressed. Personally, I think you're just lonely and after all that time you focused on career and school, maybe you're wondering why you're not happier. I think you need to go a vacation, away from friends and family, to someplace where they don't speak English. You need an adventure-something to remind yourself of who you are and hopefully discover something new. You should go somewhere you can lie in the sun all day, dance on tables at night and kiss tall, dark, handsome strangers who can't understand a word you say.

A boy (no matter how wonderful) can't do that for you.

Nonetheless, we face a long, cold winter and the only way to make it through is by keeping our hearts warm. Just know that I care for you, even though we're total opposites, even though I feel I don't know you as well as I should after knowing you for seven years and that I often wonder what purpose I serve other than Plan Z guy-you certainly don't invite me around you 'proper' friends-which is too bad-I do know which fork to use for salad. Anyway, I have a hot tub, a fireplace, a sturdy shoulder for crying on, lots of booze, easy access to Pho and my hearing is still pretty good-if you need me, I'm here for you.

I get an email back:


You’ve got the first part partially right and the last part wrong. Let’s not have this conversation via email. If you have issues with me, you know you have to address them face to face or at least via phone. Email is the easy way out. I guess I have to explain myself to you once again, and I’m really not in the mood right now.

HuhnWah?! So I call. I leave three messages throughout the course of the day. I didn't make any plans with anyone else 'cause she'd complained a few months ago that she doesn't like hanging out with me in a group.
(This was after she showed up at a gig unexpectedly-apparently I was too distracted by other people, things, etc. to greet her enthusiastically enough.)
Finally, after a short game of phone tag I get her.

Basically, she'd taken umbrage to my observation that she rarely invited me out with her friends. "I'm sorry, but I don't have that many friends, not like you." She said.
"I have a very few close friends and then there are people I see every once in awhile. And please don't be offended-but you fall into that second group."

"Well, I wasn't complaining. It was an obvservation." I replied.
"It was a perception." She corrected.

I backed down. We'd argued along similar lines before (thus the "explain myself to you again" line) and I didn't want the message that my door was open to her to get lost.

"Besides, I invited you to my graduation party and you had something else to do." She said.

Humph. True. But no mention that I'd stopped by her place with a card a couple of days later.

She informed me that she was going out with some other buddy that night, implying heavily that seeing me would be too exhausting in her current state.

I hung up exasperated...and annoyed. Then angry. I tried to cheer her up and this is what I get?! I wanted to call up back and tell her she was wrong and that it was fucked up and telling that she had nothing nice to say about my offer to be there for her. AND that by placing me in the "People I see every once in awhile" catagory, that all she did was confirm what I'd observed in the first place!
But perhaps it's just best to prune it off the friendship tree...*sigh*

I can hear Stu laughing now: "How is it that you get all of the problems and none of the sex?"


Frito, in an attempt to expand his media empire, has been in touch with Mark Eitzel (really!) and got an email from him today:

Hey - Hope you are all as thrilled as I am by the onset of fall. Sorry to
bother you but American Music Club are playing for free every Monday in
December at Spaceland (see www.markeitzel.com) in Los Angeles.



That would be worth a trip to El Layme, dontcha think?
I was checking out the posts over at George's when I came across an article on "dogging". Jeez. Ya learn something new every day don'tcha? I wonder if the phenom is limited to the UK.


Memory Dump (With an emphasis on the Duh):

Whugh. Sunday already. Time to shift gears again and start thinking of ways to amuse myself, lest I go insane at work. 48 hours in not enough, dammit!

I was out sick Wednesday night. I could feel myself coming down with something and called in. I'd gone to bed at 3PM woken up at 7, when Frito's sister, brother-in-law and nephews came in and again at 10, when I called in. I then racked out again for another 10 hours. I felt tons better although I don't think I was out of the woods until well into the evening. I went to work.
I got home at the usual time and spent the morning playing Freelancer, then my computer prompted me to install some new MS update, after which my computer start blue-screening and giving me driver-conflict errors. I swapped out video cards which worked for awhile, but it started all over again. I still haven't figured it out...I write this on Scott's machine.
I got two hours sleep and then met Tim at the Baltic Room. We had some drinks and then went down to Graceland to see SushiRobo. Their new CD "The Light Fingered Feeling of SushiRobo" is out and they were opening for Kaito and The Walkmen. We talked to Arthur and Julie for a bit, they got hitched a couple of weeks ago and then watched the boys tear shit up onstage.
I haven't had a chance to listen to the disc more than once, but I like what I've heard. Clay and Barry (the rhythm section) seem to be more fully driving things now, setting up the foundation for Dave and Arthur's sci-fi guitars to swoop, ping, ni and fataang-fataang over. If you can imagine all the quirkier parts of Television and Wire thrown together, that's what you got. Live, they seem to be into "rocking" more. I'd talked to Arthur about the record a few months ago and he said it was their best work yet. Right on.
Kaito was cool-kinda punky and loud, but too trebley for me and I needed to go home, check on Whiskey (Scott is in OR) and crash. I walked back up the hill to my bike and rode home.
Saturday, I rode out to the U-District to get some teriyaki and my favorite place and maybe pick up some books or music. There was an NSC meeting at 4:30 (planning this year Troll-A-Go-Go). I had some tentative plans but decided I just needed to chill. So I ordered a pizza and watched TV until 4AM.
I saw a documentary on the band Queen. I've always been deeply suspicious of Brain May due to his clog wearing. Yet he seems to be quite a lovely man.

P.S. My mother is curious about my weblog. Heh, probably wondering what I say about her! I don't think she'll actually bother to look it up-she doesn't have a computer and just told her to Google me if she wanted to find it. But you never know...


Sometimes it takes more than love to get the poison out. Damn.
After two stunning records and split release with The Dismemberment Plan, Juno is calling it quits.

I saw these guys a few times and it was like being caught in a hurricane. So many bands are doing emo now and they all sound the same. Juno stole from Jawbox, but they were at least decent enough to go to one of the sources. I though if there was any local band that could've gone the distance, it would've been them...alas-not to be.


There was a discussion of Magnatune today on Metafilter. Finally! A record label with a clue! I was chuffed to see my friend Suzanne's band, Emma's Mini on the label. Check it out, you can try before you buy and they have a sliding scale for albums!
Things I have learned (part I):

Never trust people who wear clogs, especially men who wear clogs. Nor people who insist on using all three names (they are serial killers).
Times with mariachi music and no money are better than times with money and no mariachi music.
If you're 30 or so and you have to go outside your tribe for stuff-you need better friends.
BBQ is sacred and best enjoyed on Sunday afternoons.
Do on to others as you would have them do onto you. Unless there's a better than good chance you'll never see them again.
When deciding to either join a dating site or a porn site-go with the porn...you'll be much happier.


On this day:

Ludacris managed to make a song/video that didn't annoy the fuck outta me.
I got this from Michiko via Friendster:

Kento and Michiko have finally finished the new IQU record. We would like to thank all of you for your support and patience! For any of you who are curious to hear what we have been working on for the past couple of years, we will be having a preview listening party of the pre mastered CD.

Wed Sept 17, 7:30pm
at the Baltic Room
(1207 Pine Street on Capitol HIll)

The CD will start at 7:45pm sharp so be on time!
Snacks will be provided as well as happy hour prices at the bar.
And of course, this event is free.
Please feel free to bring your friends.

Wow, I thought those two had thrown in the towel! I'll have to hit the hay early so's I can check it out. See you there!


So my friends James and Carmel are off for trip around Europe and probably a few other places. They won't be back until after the new year so we all went down to Barca on Friday to wish them a "Bon Voyage". They'll be posting to a weblog-I'll link to it as soon as I remember what it's called! (Ah! Here it is! - Ed.)
I hadn't been to Barca in quite awhile, but Richard-one of the owners-saw me and was kind enough to buy me a drink.
James' neighbor, who I met her at a White Elephant party at James and Carmels' place a couple of years ago came and sat with me, which cause me some distress as a) I didn't remember meeting her and b) talking to anyone (especially cute girls) more than 10 years younger than me only serves to remind me that I am not actually 19 anymore. I think El Stu and Scott delighted in watching me squirm as I made nice...bastards.
Megan and her former roommage Emily also joined us AND I got to see Adumb and Erin for the first time in months! And lovely, lovely Annie and her fella Ethan were also in the house, so I guess it was sort of a reunion.

The next day, Frito and I DJ'd my friend Tom's wedding reception. We brought a dual CD player (borrowed from Dan The Man), Frito's iPod and laptop. I met Tom many, many moons ago when he was still in college. I knew his older brother Mike through my roommate who worked with him briefly. Man, out of that whole crowd, Oani is the only one I see regularly
the rest are all hitched and have houses and children...
Frito and I managed a good set. I've DJ'd 4 or 5 weddings and I usually tell the couple that I'm not a professional and that I don't buy music I can hear any on the radio. Usually they don't have a problem with that...it's the friends who don't know me and assume I was hired. As usual there's the one person who gets bent out of shape when you don't have "How Deep Is Your Love" by the Bee Gees, but what can you do? I'm not going haul every CD I own on the off chance someone requests "Yellow River" as covered by Elton John. Jeezus. I deliberately turned down offers of payment partly 'cause Tom and Katie are nice kids, but mostly because it would give me the freedom NOT to play fucking Abba! We placed a notepad for requests mostly out of courtesy.
So, if sometime in the future you see me behind the decks at your friend's wedding reception, here are some handy tips to insure we get along fine:

1) A request is just that. A request. If you're upset with me for not having THAT SONG, fuckin' get over it. I may be able to find something similar or at least by the same band...but if I ain't got it, I ain't got it. Only the couple carry any weight with me (and even then, it's not that much), so there.
2) The more specific you are in your request, the better chance you'll have of hearing something your dancing like a chickin with it's head cut off no rhythm havin ass can flail to. DO NOT come up to me and ask me to play "something you can dance to", chances are, I already am and you're just fuckin' lame.
3) Keep your hands off my stuff. I wouldn't go rooting through your medicine cabinet, you stay out of my CD's.
4) I want to have some fun too. That means you may not hear all of the 20 disco tunes you've heard at every wedding you've been to this summer. You can go to PolyEsther's (or whatever it's called now) or listen to KJR or your "NOW THAT'S DISCO!" compilations anytime. Chances are you're feeling nostalga for something you weren't even there for the first time...and there was some damn fine stuff that doesn't get played. I'm sick of it, the waitstaff is sick of it.
Actually, Frito and I got props from the staff for that very reason! And we ended our set with "Standing on the Verge of Gettin' it On-I dare you to tell me that song ain't the shit!

If I sound arrogant, oh well. But believe me-if you have some drinks, feel the bass and free your mind-you WILL have a good time...


I read Cheney's statements from his interview on today on "Meet the Press" and I gotta ask: How long are we going to put up with the lies from these sacks of shit?!
I have had coversations with Matt about this and while we do agree that Saddam being out of power is a good thing, it's like finding expensive meat in a shit sandwich. We're now starting to understand just how expensive that meat is going to be...


[Posted Wednesday, September 10th, 2003 02:30:00 Pitchfork Central Time]

John L. Ferrer and Will Bryant report:
There's that rare time when a sarcastic, jaded music news site has to report
without any sarcasm or irony. Short of the Velvet Underground, there's no
band more beloved, more important, more cited as an influence in indie rock
than the Pixies. Whether you're strictly a Doolittle man (surely one of the
finest damn rock albums ever) or an obsessive who can name every Trompe le
Monde b-side, the Pixies' contributions to the alternative rock canon are
sacred texts, the alpha cell of a paisley-flecked v23 flowchart that, down
various impeccably typeset branches, might lead to Nirvana, to the Breeders,
to Throwing Muses, Guided By Voices, Modest Mouse, Trail of Dead, or Enon.

Sadly, most of these revelations weren't made until after the band's prime.
Since their reportedly messy and bloody demise in 1993, fans have signed on
by the dozens-- based partially on the recommendation of Kurt Cobain, and
partially by their desire to find something truly exuberant, legitimate,
funny and weird in their music. Anyone born in the '80s might surely have at
some point sighed and abandoned all hope of seeing the Pixies on stage at
all. In a sense, the idea of a Pixies reunion has almost become a joke, the
indie-kid version of "Yeah, when pigs fly." So when the report came in July
that all four original members (that's Black Francis, Kim Deal, David
Lovering, and Joey Santiago) have been secretly practicing together every
couple of blue moons since the breakup, there was the first glimmer of hope.

Now that the heavyhandedness is past, here comes the point. The glimmer is
now a full-blown supernova. It's happening. In April. No dates yet, not even
any quotes from the group's principals-- just a band spokesperson's promise
to MTV, who broke the story. The source, who remains unnamed in MTV's story,
also claims that if all goes well a studio album will follow.

The Pixies. Are back. Together. Music is saved. Lovers of rock, unite and
cheer. This is going to truly own.
There is nothing sadder than finding that your box of Lucky Charms has gone stale...


Sliding into Fascism part 5.
OK...you know what really sick? I talked to Frito before going to work and found out we both had General Tso's chicken for lunch today...


Being (rather lazy) bachelors, we don't cook around here much. Frito (although he makes excellent beer, scones and bread) usually whips up mac and cheese or tortellini when he bothers to cook. I'm a bit more adventurous, with curries and weird rice and/or pasta dishes, but not much moreso. A lot of the time, we wind up and one of the two Chinese restaurants on our street or the Chinese Deli at Safeway.
I'd always wondered about how General Tso's Chicken came about. I imaginged something like this...

Scene: Ancient China, , dusk-some hours after a huge battle. The camera pans across fields of dead bodies. In the distance we see the white tents with flags and banners fluttering in the cold wind.

The camera slowly zooms in, there in the center of the tents we see a handsome middle-aged Chinese man, dressed in elaborate battle armor. This is General Tso. He is quietly discussing post-battle plans when a young lieutenant rides up on horseback.

General Tso: Lieutenant Chou! Report!

Lieutenant Chou (dismounts): Sir! The area has been secured and what remains of the rebel army have been routed!

General Tso: Excellent! We will camp here for two days and move on. Is there anything else?

Lieutenant Chou: Sir, I must add that I have heard rumors of unrest among the troops...

General Tso: Unrest...? What to do you mean?

Lieutenant Chou: Well, sir...the men are...dissatisfied.

General Tso: Dissatisfied? Dissatisfied with what?!

Lieutenant Chou: The food, sir.

General Tso: The food?!

Lieutenant Chou: Yes, sir. Cheng Li has been serving nothing but fish balls and brocoli for weeks. The men are tired and want something that will revive their spirit! Something different!!

General Tso: Hmm...something...different.

Lieutenant Chou: Yes, sir.

General Tso: (Turns away from Chou and muses to himself) Everyone knows an army fights on its stomach...and despite our victory today, there is still much to do! Cook Li has been with me for many years but I am reminded of this tale...


Cook Ting was cutting up an ox for Lord Wen‑hui. At every touch of his hand, every heave of his shoulder, every move of his feet, every thrust of his knee ‑ zip! zoop! He slithered the knife along with a zing, and all was in perfect rhythm, as though he were performing the dance of the Mulberry Grove or keeping time to the Ching‑shou music.

"Ah, this is marvelous!" said Lord Wen‑hui. "Imagine skill reaching such heights!"

Cook Ting laid down his knife and replied, "What I care about is the Way, which goes beyond skill. When I first began cutting up oxen, all I could see was the ox itself. After three years I no longer saw the whole ox. And now ‑ now I go at it by spirit and don't look with my eyes. Perception and understanding have come to a stop and spirit moves where it wants. I go along with the natural makeup, strike in the big hollows, guide the knife through the big openings, and follow things as they are. So I never touch the smallest ligament or tendon, much less a main joint.

"A good cook changes his knife once a year‑because he cuts. A mediocre cook changes his knife once a month‑because he hacks. I've had this knife of mine for nineteen years and I've cut up thousands of oxen with it, and yet the blade is as good as though it had just come from the grindstone. There are spaces between the joints, and the blade of the knife has really no thickness. If you insert what has no thickness into such spaces, then there's plenty of room; more than enough for the blade to play about it. That's why after nineteen years the blade of my knife is still as good as when it first came from the grindstone.

"However, whenever I come to a complicated place, I size up the difficulties, tell myself to watch out and be careful, keep my eyes on what I'm doing, work very slowly, and move the knife with the greatest subtlety, until ‑ flop! the whole thing comes apart like a clod of earth crumbling to the ground. I stand there holding the knife and look all around me, completely satisfied and reluctant to move on, and then I wipe off the knife and put it away."

"Excellent!" said Lord Wen‑hui. "I have heard the words of Cook Ting and learned how to care for life!"

General Tso (turning back to Lieutenant Chou): Lieutenant! Do we have any oxen?

Lieutenant Chou: Uh...no, sir. But we do have 1,500 chickens!

General Tso: Then we will use chicken! Stand aside Lieutenant-I have some work to do!

Unfortunately, the reality is not nearly as cool. (via Metafilter)

Hm...I'm hungry.

I just retook the Keirsey Personality Test ('cause George did and I totally bit his style) and came out a Fieldmarshal. Interesting...I become more introverted over the last few years.
I'll have to take it again in a couple of years and see what comes up!


A Retraction

We here at Statanic Action! try to provide thoughts and opinions based on accurate information, keeping firmly in mind that "reality is based on perception", salting it with a rilly big grain o' and peppering it with a little "So there!". However, after receiving the following email from El Frito:

Not that I want to stand up for paul allen at all, but he no longer owns ticketmaster. I guess he used to own a 47.5% stake in it, which he sold to the Home Shopping Network a while back.

We would like to retract Ticketmaster's fucked-up scheme to screw over music fans as more proof that Paul Allen is fuckin' EVIL. We would also like to encourage you to keep checking back-I'm sure Mr. Allen will do something to offer more proof that he is fuckin' EVIL in the very near future.

Tenk yew!

In other news: Today is Laurie B.'s birthday, which we will celebrate by doing a little bowling (or not) and drinking (defo!) up at the Garage tonight.


OK. I'm all up in the Friendster thing. It's like the six degrees of separation we've been hearing about for years...except you need to get your ass on there. I'm under "Stacius". I've actually met a really cool new friend via Friendster. And it's alway interesting finding out who considers you a friend. And the nice things we say about one another! Try it!


More proof that Paul Allen is fuckin' EVIL.


Labor Day Weekend 2003:

Friday - Went to the Baltic Room for happy hour, then Neil, Laurie, Scott, Cindy and I headed out to The Triangle Tavern to meet Megan and her friends Cat and Allory. We drank lots 'o beer and traded many stories. A good night was had by all.

Saturday - Rolled out of the rack, comtemplated going to Bumbershoot but decided to head down the Queen Anne Easy Street Records to catch sets my Downpilot and Marc Olson. Returned to 'stead, slept a bit then went to Chop Suey for "Buttrock Karaoke" which was put on by the Three Imaginary Girls. Scott and Neil were also in the house-which was packed! The idea was to have members of various bands (and brave hoi polloi) get up and sing various buttrock/hair metal 'classics'. It was kinda weird seeing supposed 'hipsters' belting out "Wanted: Dead or Alive" with something bordering on real passion. The event was supposed to raise money for an independent film called "Unsung" about...making a karaoke video. (How Meta!)

Sunday - Again comtemplated going to Bumbershoot, decided not to. Frito and I went out to Southcenter for burgers at Red Robin and to run a few errands.
We'd heard that De La Soul was coming up to the Baltic Room after their "Hip-Hop 101" gig at Bumbershoot so I met Neil there and we grabbed a prime spot.
We were joined by Mickey, Sky, Suze, Maria, Laurie, Scott, Michael, Elizabeth, Tess and Aaron. PA MASE put on a clinic, spinning prime cuts from the last 20+ years of hip hop to a packed and dancing house!

Monday - Megan mentioned she had to move, because her building was being remodeled. So Neil and I, being the righteous dudes we are, volunteered to help. We were done in under 3 hours and spent the rest of the evening eating Thai food and cracking each other up with (rather gross) stories.
I met more of Megan's friends, Amy and Nate. Allory was in the house as well.

It's back to work tonight but it's a three day week! WhooHoo!