Ain'tnobodygonnabreakamistride--Ain'tnobodygonnasloowmeedoowin, ohno!

So the weekend is here and I'm feeling kinda feisty. I guess we're going out tonight! There's this new place in Belltown then another new place on Capitol Hill!

Man, that first beer is gonna taste so friggin' good!

Cindy and Kim AND Kim's boyfriend are all in town from Detroit.

And the kitchen remodel is almost done!! The concrete countertops got poured day before yesterday and Dan & Wheezy are here now taking apart the frames. The concrete gets wrapped in plastic, so that it doesn't dry out too fast (and crack) and we have to leave it alone for a month. Then it gets dyed, sealed and a coat of beeswax.

Also, I finally got my computer problems sorta out. Nothing cleans the pipes like a fresh install of WXP!! I've got new sound and video cards in too!

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