Labor Day Weekend 2003:

Friday - Went to the Baltic Room for happy hour, then Neil, Laurie, Scott, Cindy and I headed out to The Triangle Tavern to meet Megan and her friends Cat and Allory. We drank lots 'o beer and traded many stories. A good night was had by all.

Saturday - Rolled out of the rack, comtemplated going to Bumbershoot but decided to head down the Queen Anne Easy Street Records to catch sets my Downpilot and Marc Olson. Returned to 'stead, slept a bit then went to Chop Suey for "Buttrock Karaoke" which was put on by the Three Imaginary Girls. Scott and Neil were also in the house-which was packed! The idea was to have members of various bands (and brave hoi polloi) get up and sing various buttrock/hair metal 'classics'. It was kinda weird seeing supposed 'hipsters' belting out "Wanted: Dead or Alive" with something bordering on real passion. The event was supposed to raise money for an independent film called "Unsung" about...making a karaoke video. (How Meta!)

Sunday - Again comtemplated going to Bumbershoot, decided not to. Frito and I went out to Southcenter for burgers at Red Robin and to run a few errands.
We'd heard that De La Soul was coming up to the Baltic Room after their "Hip-Hop 101" gig at Bumbershoot so I met Neil there and we grabbed a prime spot.
We were joined by Mickey, Sky, Suze, Maria, Laurie, Scott, Michael, Elizabeth, Tess and Aaron. PA MASE put on a clinic, spinning prime cuts from the last 20+ years of hip hop to a packed and dancing house!

Monday - Megan mentioned she had to move, because her building was being remodeled. So Neil and I, being the righteous dudes we are, volunteered to help. We were done in under 3 hours and spent the rest of the evening eating Thai food and cracking each other up with (rather gross) stories.
I met more of Megan's friends, Amy and Nate. Allory was in the house as well.

It's back to work tonight but it's a three day week! WhooHoo!

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