Memory Dump (With an emphasis on the Duh):

Whugh. Sunday already. Time to shift gears again and start thinking of ways to amuse myself, lest I go insane at work. 48 hours in not enough, dammit!

I was out sick Wednesday night. I could feel myself coming down with something and called in. I'd gone to bed at 3PM woken up at 7, when Frito's sister, brother-in-law and nephews came in and again at 10, when I called in. I then racked out again for another 10 hours. I felt tons better although I don't think I was out of the woods until well into the evening. I went to work.
I got home at the usual time and spent the morning playing Freelancer, then my computer prompted me to install some new MS update, after which my computer start blue-screening and giving me driver-conflict errors. I swapped out video cards which worked for awhile, but it started all over again. I still haven't figured it out...I write this on Scott's machine.
I got two hours sleep and then met Tim at the Baltic Room. We had some drinks and then went down to Graceland to see SushiRobo. Their new CD "The Light Fingered Feeling of SushiRobo" is out and they were opening for Kaito and The Walkmen. We talked to Arthur and Julie for a bit, they got hitched a couple of weeks ago and then watched the boys tear shit up onstage.
I haven't had a chance to listen to the disc more than once, but I like what I've heard. Clay and Barry (the rhythm section) seem to be more fully driving things now, setting up the foundation for Dave and Arthur's sci-fi guitars to swoop, ping, ni and fataang-fataang over. If you can imagine all the quirkier parts of Television and Wire thrown together, that's what you got. Live, they seem to be into "rocking" more. I'd talked to Arthur about the record a few months ago and he said it was their best work yet. Right on.
Kaito was cool-kinda punky and loud, but too trebley for me and I needed to go home, check on Whiskey (Scott is in OR) and crash. I walked back up the hill to my bike and rode home.
Saturday, I rode out to the U-District to get some teriyaki and my favorite place and maybe pick up some books or music. There was an NSC meeting at 4:30 (planning this year Troll-A-Go-Go). I had some tentative plans but decided I just needed to chill. So I ordered a pizza and watched TV until 4AM.
I saw a documentary on the band Queen. I've always been deeply suspicious of Brain May due to his clog wearing. Yet he seems to be quite a lovely man.

P.S. My mother is curious about my weblog. Heh, probably wondering what I say about her! I don't think she'll actually bother to look it up-she doesn't have a computer and just told her to Google me if she wanted to find it. But you never know...

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