A Retraction

We here at Statanic Action! try to provide thoughts and opinions based on accurate information, keeping firmly in mind that "reality is based on perception", salting it with a rilly big grain o' and peppering it with a little "So there!". However, after receiving the following email from El Frito:

Not that I want to stand up for paul allen at all, but he no longer owns ticketmaster. I guess he used to own a 47.5% stake in it, which he sold to the Home Shopping Network a while back.

We would like to retract Ticketmaster's fucked-up scheme to screw over music fans as more proof that Paul Allen is fuckin' EVIL. We would also like to encourage you to keep checking back-I'm sure Mr. Allen will do something to offer more proof that he is fuckin' EVIL in the very near future.

Tenk yew!

In other news: Today is Laurie B.'s birthday, which we will celebrate by doing a little bowling (or not) and drinking (defo!) up at the Garage tonight.

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