So my friends James and Carmel are off for trip around Europe and probably a few other places. They won't be back until after the new year so we all went down to Barca on Friday to wish them a "Bon Voyage". They'll be posting to a weblog-I'll link to it as soon as I remember what it's called! (Ah! Here it is! - Ed.)
I hadn't been to Barca in quite awhile, but Richard-one of the owners-saw me and was kind enough to buy me a drink.
James' neighbor, who I met her at a White Elephant party at James and Carmels' place a couple of years ago came and sat with me, which cause me some distress as a) I didn't remember meeting her and b) talking to anyone (especially cute girls) more than 10 years younger than me only serves to remind me that I am not actually 19 anymore. I think El Stu and Scott delighted in watching me squirm as I made nice...bastards.
Megan and her former roommage Emily also joined us AND I got to see Adumb and Erin for the first time in months! And lovely, lovely Annie and her fella Ethan were also in the house, so I guess it was sort of a reunion.

The next day, Frito and I DJ'd my friend Tom's wedding reception. We brought a dual CD player (borrowed from Dan The Man), Frito's iPod and laptop. I met Tom many, many moons ago when he was still in college. I knew his older brother Mike through my roommate who worked with him briefly. Man, out of that whole crowd, Oani is the only one I see regularly
the rest are all hitched and have houses and children...
Frito and I managed a good set. I've DJ'd 4 or 5 weddings and I usually tell the couple that I'm not a professional and that I don't buy music I can hear any on the radio. Usually they don't have a problem with that...it's the friends who don't know me and assume I was hired. As usual there's the one person who gets bent out of shape when you don't have "How Deep Is Your Love" by the Bee Gees, but what can you do? I'm not going haul every CD I own on the off chance someone requests "Yellow River" as covered by Elton John. Jeezus. I deliberately turned down offers of payment partly 'cause Tom and Katie are nice kids, but mostly because it would give me the freedom NOT to play fucking Abba! We placed a notepad for requests mostly out of courtesy.
So, if sometime in the future you see me behind the decks at your friend's wedding reception, here are some handy tips to insure we get along fine:

1) A request is just that. A request. If you're upset with me for not having THAT SONG, fuckin' get over it. I may be able to find something similar or at least by the same band...but if I ain't got it, I ain't got it. Only the couple carry any weight with me (and even then, it's not that much), so there.
2) The more specific you are in your request, the better chance you'll have of hearing something your dancing like a chickin with it's head cut off no rhythm havin ass can flail to. DO NOT come up to me and ask me to play "something you can dance to", chances are, I already am and you're just fuckin' lame.
3) Keep your hands off my stuff. I wouldn't go rooting through your medicine cabinet, you stay out of my CD's.
4) I want to have some fun too. That means you may not hear all of the 20 disco tunes you've heard at every wedding you've been to this summer. You can go to PolyEsther's (or whatever it's called now) or listen to KJR or your "NOW THAT'S DISCO!" compilations anytime. Chances are you're feeling nostalga for something you weren't even there for the first time...and there was some damn fine stuff that doesn't get played. I'm sick of it, the waitstaff is sick of it.
Actually, Frito and I got props from the staff for that very reason! And we ended our set with "Standing on the Verge of Gettin' it On-I dare you to tell me that song ain't the shit!

If I sound arrogant, oh well. But believe me-if you have some drinks, feel the bass and free your mind-you WILL have a good time...

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