Man, I didn't post all week?! That's triflin'. But I've been feeling that way...My energy level is low, nothing's going on and I feel restless and bored, pissed (no, annoyed) about Rush Limbaugh and Wilson/Plamegate and the complacency I see all around me (mine too!). I talked to a couple of friends and they're in a funk as well. Perhaps it's something in the water?
The kitchen should be done by next week (crosses fingers) and perhaps not being interrupted by banging, grinding, sawing, etc. will do much to restore my peace of mind. Dahlings--you must come see it when it's finished!

I called an ex-girlfriend last week, which is really not unusual for me--but when she asked me if it was a booty-call, I had to pause. She's supposed to come over tonight, so I guess we'll figure it out then.
Frito's in MN for a wedding.
Cindy, Kim and Eric all stayed here last weekend and we had a pretty good time. We were all pretty tired Saturday, so Frito BBQ a salmon and I stayed in while the kids went off to play pool.

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