Stayed home Friday. Dan, Louise and Will were here off and on all weekend, sanding the concrete and staining it. I think they'll seal the countertops and install the sideboard sometime this week. I slept off and on all afternoon then stayed up until 5 or so watching TV.
On Saturday I went for a ride and stopped at my favorite Chinese restaurant, The Shanghai Garden for some pan fried meat dumplings and HUGE bowl of hot and sour soup. I laughed out loud when my fortune cookie told me that I was going to receive enlightenment that day.
Later, I met up with Stu and Neil at a cafe in Ballard to catch Neil's sister playing her singer/songwriter stuff. She had an impressive rack of effects pedals and did some cool stuff with loops. Afterwards, we met up with Trish and her friend Traci at Linda's and BS'd. We were joined by various people during the night. Then we walked down to the ChaCha, wheree I met Kimberlee, a woman who messaged me on Friendster just a couple of days before. Neither of us knew we were going to be there.
I went out for an NSC meeting this morning, but I felt pretty crappy. Not drunk crappy, like nauseous, gassy, ugh! crappy. I came home and slept, was interrupted twice when the dog wanted to be let out, then called in sick. I still feel gross. It's 3AM and I'm gonna hit the hay. Frito is supposed to be back sometime today.

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