First and Last...Cuz Oani Diddit.

First job: Real job? Like with paychecks n shit? I made lunches for underpriviledged kids (GA).
First screen name: Black8
First self-purchased album: Um. I think it was Devo's "New Traditionalists" or The Clash's "Combat Rock".
First funeral: A second cousin who'd drowned.
First piercing/tattoo: N/A
First credit card: Bon Marche
First true love: "True Love??! Whazzat?"
First enemy: Ronald Fuckin' Regan...bigtime.
First big trip: 1970 to visit the folks "down home."
First concert: Mom took me to see The Commodores at The Seattle Center Coliseum...it was bitchin'.
First musician you remember hearing in your house: Ennio Morricone...really!
Last big car ride: That would've been the Gentlemen's Bible Study & Retreat near Mt. Rainier last summer.
Last kiss: I think is was Maria. Or Louise's dog Noey...
Last library book: ?! I haven't set foot in a library in yonks. I either buy or look it up online.
Last movie seen: A Mighty Wind...
Last beverage drank: Glass of Milk
Last food consumed: Cheese Danish
Last phone call: Mi Mater. What? What?!
Last cd played: Geez, that's like askin' me about the last time I breathed! I think it was Jazznova: Remixed.
Last annoyance: Whiskey Maldonado.
Last soda drank: Coke. Sunday night.
Last ice cream eaten: Green Tea Ice Cream at Ji-Huyn's
Last time scolded: I'm sure Laurie will sometime soon.
Last shirt worn: Black Polo shirt.
Last Web site visited: www.allmusic.com

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