I don't know if it was due to Halloween being on a weekend or some sort of post millenium tension, but it seemed like the whole town was partying!

This year marked the most successful Troll A Ween and Troll A Go Go yet! It's really amazing how we go through considerable stress and strain each year only to pull off one of the best parties in town! We had over 700 in attendence and everyone seemed to be having a great time. I was really impressed with Quasi Nada and Kultur Shock put on a set that was both fierce and funky!

After putting in a 13 hour day at the TAGG and six hours cleaning up, I was too tired to attend the Noche de los Muertos party put on by the Space Virgins, et al on Saturday night. But I did go to Future Soul at the Baltic Room on Sunday night to dig on the cool vibes my bros in the Sun|Tzu collective were throwing down.

I'm going back to work to get some rest...

(To think there was a time that this would've been an 'average' weekend.)

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