I got a Question/As serious as Cancer

No, it's not about keepin' the dancers hyper.

See, I have this friend, who is sweet, smart, funny and cute. But she has a tendency to get date men who, in the end, are not worth her time and love.
She and I are quite close and have been for some time. So naturally, we talk about these things. Although I've noticed that when we talk, it goes something like this:

Her: "Well, he did it again.
Me: "Really?"
Her: (Launches into a long and detailed story about how boyfriend messed up)
Me (somehow incredulous): "Why do you let him do this to you?"
Her: "I know. (Then makes some excuse for boyfriend's gauche behavior)"
Me: (Gives advice that I know won't be heeded)
Her: (Agrees with advice -still seeks not to make him look so bad)

Lately, I feel myself pulling out of the relationship because I now that I see the is pattern set, and wish to free myself from things that drain my energy and peace of mind.

So what's the best way to do this?

Usually, I'm quite blunt. I could tell her that her problems with her man are verboten where she and I are concerned. But then we somehow end up on the subject anyway. I'm bored with it, frankly. I've hung out with him on a few occasions and I don't think we'll ever be friends.


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