I learned a couple of important things this weekend:

1. I can still drink a fifth of Tequila with little to no effect.

2. I really, really like watching rugby on TV.

I took Sunday off from work so's I could catch my post-punk heroes Killing Joke at the Showbox -- but then I decided not to go. I was pretty tired, off my sleep schedule and afraid I was gonna get sick, 'cause so many friends have been felled by colds in the last week.
On Friday, Sheri came over to visit. We watched soccer and drank screwdrivers. She was leaving to interview at a couple of colleges "back east" and wanted to see me before she left. On Saturday, I was feeling a little stir crazy, so I went to visit El Stu. We got caught up and had lunch at Cyclops. Then it was home for a short nap, then out to Gopi's for a party. I spun for little while, mostly for myself -- then Frito took over. FloorM@ was also in the house, as was a female DJ, whose name escapes me...
The party was fun, and everyone was really friendly. Or maybe it was the tequila...Anyway, we all had a a really good time. The best part was coming home at 3AM and eating tomato bisque from Safeway...that's shiz the BOMB, yo!
I got up around 11 on Sunday and motored to the lovely Cafe Flora for a post-event NSC meeting. Then Matt, Seth and I were supposed to have band practice but realized that wasn't going to happen when we found out that my gear was locked in Sean's garage -- and he was out of town.
In addition to all that, I managed to catch a couple of soccer matches and 2003 Rugby World Cup matches (pulling for NZ--they dance real good) and I read from cover to cover Echoes of Earth.

And now I'm off to meet Mercy at Easy Street Records in Wes'Seattle for breakfast...and she's buying!!

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