It's raining today. I enjoyed the ride home, despite the additional hazards of riding in the wet. In my helmet and thermal rainsuit, I feel insulated and safe yet vulnerable, knowing what could happen if I hit the brakes too hard, drive too fast or let my attention wander. It's a singular feeling.
I remember last year, before the company moved downtown, the huge rush I got when barreling up the on-ramp to I-90, getting up to speed in the Mt. Baker Tunnel and blasting out onto the I-90 floating bridge. The wind and rain slapped at me as I descended down towards the lake -- a vast pit of black water surrounded by the bright lights of the surrounding neighborhoods. There was usually very little traffic at 10PM. It's about a mile to the other side, the grade getting steeper and curving to the left on the other side . There was a brief reprieve from the weather in the Mercer Tunnel, then I was out into the rain and wind as I crossed Mercer Island. I'd usually be doing about 70mph as I came down the other side of the island. Then another water crossing, much shorter than the first; then up the long grade past Factoria to 139th St. where I'd exit. I always felt the thrill of triumph as I pulled into the garage, feeling like I'd cheated death, the elements and my human frailties once again.
Of course, the ride home had different thrills and risks. Fog, the possibility of black ice, increased traffic and me feeling weird and out of sorts from still trying to get used to working nights...

My good friend and bandmate, Matt and his lovely Leslie are now the proud parents of a healthy baby girl. Miss Ana, I do look forward to making your acquaintance soon. Congrats all around!!

Oh yeah! You can catch the first glimpse of the new Fey Ray album here...it won't be out until February, though...

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