So Frito went off to Las Vegas (by way of Detroit) and left me and Whisk-Butt behind. I'm sleepy as heck, but I gotta stay up until the UPS guy arrives with my new video card and hard drive. Then I'll probably stay up for awhile getting my computer up and running again. Scott has been kind enough to let me use his, but I can't save, install or tweak anything and that simply will not do!

I was over at Dong Resin's place and once again he showed his brilliance!

I found this amazing too. On one hand, it shows just how far the neocons are willing to go to achieve their goals. On the other it shows just how complacent and fearful we have become. Ronald Regan, during his re-election bid in 1984 asked, "Are you better off now than your were four years ago?"
With North Korea and possibly Iran making nuclear weapons, bombs going off in Turkey and Saui Arabia, corporations writing legislation and things poised to get even worse in the near future, I gotta ask -- Why would anyone vote for these fools again?

I picked the Avram Davidson Treasury during my last book-buying frenzy (FREN-ZAY!!) and I'm trying to read it as slowly as I can. Davidson wrote most of his stories for the sci-fi and fantasy pulps back in the day, but his economy with words, deft and wide-raging imagination are staggering! Imagine extremely well-crafted "Twilight Zone" episodes written by William Gibson and you get the picture. Yah- It's a poor analogy, so bite me -- It'll have to do for now.

Also, Megan-poo and her friend/nemesis Nate came over for some pizza, champagne and hot-tubbing last night. Man, what a great way to start your "day!" I don't think I've ever been so relaxed rolling into work. Anyway, it was fun and we'll do it again soon...

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