Work was a hoot! I got warm a couple of times and thought I was gonna relapse, 'cause it wasn't the usual 4AM "dead spot" when the AC turns off for awhile
(We usually raise our desks and work standing up then).
Due to all the sleep I got, I've actually been up for over 24 hours now and I feel fiiiiiiinnnnne!! Nah, I'm loopy, it's just manifesting itself differently. One of my co-workers has a cold and every time she blew her nose, I'd chuckle. Then I started critiquing the sound. Fortunately, she was amused too. (You'd be surprised at what you'll laugh at in the wee hours of the morning!) Besides, snot is funny...
I debated with myself all the way home about stopping at Mickey D's for breakfast, but decided to pass. I don't have much food in the house so I don't know what I'm holding out for! And guess what? I'm freakin' hungry!
BTW -- A big up to Juli and Mercy for offering to check in on me whilst I was laid up. You ladiez rule.

Whisk-DumbAss is driving me crazy! He follows me everywhere. Almost tripping me every time I go up the stairs. Scrambling after me as I go down them.
As I type this he's under the desk. You'd think I had a slab of bacon tied around my neck...
And he'd not just content with being near me, oh no -- he's gotta be touching me, poking me in the arm for attention with his cold nose or laying his head on my foot or burrowing behind my legs as I chill on the futon watching the fitba (Chelsea v Southampton).
Despite this, we've gotten along OK, although yesterday he waited until I got on the phone and then started whining and pacing back and forth - like a neglected girlfriend! He didn't want to be let out and he'd eaten already. So I finally bonked him (gently) over the head with empty donut box and he settled down after that. Frito gets back this afternoon. I may be able to restrain myself from killing him until then.

I like dogs...really!

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