And we're back. My machine went tits up awhile back, so I used Frito's. But his is all shiny and hi-techy with a big window innit so's you can watch the fans spin and whatever.
I had to get my baby back up and running. So Frito and I were running 'round the Southland (Tukwila) last Saturday and stopped in at ComputerSonics and I purchased an Athlon 2800+, heatsink, fan and 512 RAM. Frito bought me a mobo as an X-mas present and to thank me for watchin' the dog. (aww, shucks!)
It took a little futzin' but we got Pally up and stable and she's workin' jest fine!
Then I got sick.
By Monday I recovered and now all is well.
El Stu's birthday is tomorrow...the geezer is gonna be 38!

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