It snowed last night, so I took the bus into work thinking that it wouldn't last long enough to justify staying at home. Most of us made it in and getting home wasn't much of a drag either, as downtown was clear and only after you got out into the neighborhoods were there any problems. I saw a couple of cars had gone off the road as my bus decended Beacon Hill. Man, that must've been scary!
If I was one of those people who tried to look for meaning in every event, I'd be scratching my head over this one. The Last Day of The Year. Good riddence. 2003 had some highlights, but sucky-ness ruled this time.
I had breakfast with my lovely ex Mercedes on Monday. She said: "I have two things I want for you next year. 1) Get out more! 2) Stop working nights!!"
I think I agree. There comes a time when a man has to stop accepting the status quo and shake things up. Never before has my place in this world been called into question as much as it was this year. By that, I mean my feelings towards my country and my attitude towards it. I viewed cynicism as the refuge of the unimaginative and the lazy, but goddamn, I sure understand it now.
Nonetheless, I go on. I think the key is to be more pro-active and less re-active, one can still practice 'no mind' and get some bidness done...right?


Anyway, the plan for NYE is to head to Stu's around 4. Tess is supposed to join us for a little pre-functioning before we head off the CHAC for the festivities there.
I'm gonna try not spend too much cash but really, I feel like bein' BAAAAD.

So, maybe I'll see you tonight. Or, if'n I don't-I wish you a Happy and Safe New Year. May it be better than this last one...for real.

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