Like Matt, I was eagerly anticipating the Battlestar Galactica miniseries on The SciFi Channel. I remember eagerly waiting to see the original (much the 'rents consternation) back in the 70's. But even then, I hated all the cheesiness and similarities to Star Wars (UN-like Matt, a series that doesn't really turn my crank). I like lots of layers (DS9 was my favorite Trek, y'know.)
Suffering through Galactica 1980 was even worse and I could totally understand why the series failed.
I've watched both movies twice now (Thanks Replay TV), reading the posts on Metafilter and Slashdot and all the nitpicky comments tangents. But I daresay it the BG miniseries eclispes the original in every way. (SPOILER ALERT):

Starbuck as a woman? Big deal. I thought Katee Sackoff did a really good job. She wasn't too macho, and definitely showed some depth with what she had to work with.
Edward Olmos as Adama. Badass. 'nuff said.
Apollo? I thought the conflict between he and his father was a little cheesy. And Jamie Bamber acted like he had a stick up his bum. But later, when he see The President standing her ground against his father, he starts to loosen up. If the series developed, that would be a great storyline to develop.
Boomer? I could take or leave. If she doesn't know she's a Cylon, I wonder if she'd accept it?
Laura Roslin (The President of the Colonies), superb job, tough, pragmatic and compassionate.
I thought the plot with Baltar and Number 6 was well done. A lot of the yobs on the boards thought the sex scenes were gratuitous. Duh. I never thought I'd hear geeks complaining about sex...life gets weirder every day. Next they'll complain about Madeline Stowe going topless too much!

The space battle scenes were some of the best I've seen. I was really psyched to see missles used as much as lasers, and using manuvering jets on fighters in space combat was a brilliant idea. This was the best space combat show since Space: Above and Beyond.
I hope they make it a series of movies, or at least do some well-plotted story arcs.

Damn cool.

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