So, the guitar toss was cool. I went to visit my mother and then went down to Stu's place. We got to the Sunset around 7:30 and there was plenty of grub left. I had a pork sammich, cole slaw and three slices of brisket. The BBQ sauce was Frito's Calrolina Style, which I think he's finally perfected. Later, on I walked up to Jake and said, "Dayum, that was some good shit!"
I think he was pleased.
Stu and I stayed for about an hour, chatting with Laurie and her friend, then we bailed and went to Graceland to see Heather Duby, The Swords Project , SushiRobo and The Dirtmitts.
Neil joined us as did Trish and Tracy. We stayed for all but Ms. Duby and Stu, the girls and I went to The Hurricane for some grub. I got home around 3AM.
Last night, my friend Tracy and I met up with some of my friends from the Westsiiide at the Pink Door. We were surprised to find that it was Burlesque night! WHOO HOO!!

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