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I'd always thought of someone else, before I only think of you. I could always take the years away, before I struggle with it, can't you see I have no choice, other than to leave you, All these years i've lost my voice, shouting over nothing, It never would be easy to hear babe, but you have nothing to fear babe, just think of all the things that i've done to you, and anytime you want to be bad girl,(ba ba ba ba ba ba) I haven't noticed much has changed, drinking everyday now, I used to hope the phone would ring, and now I'm glad it doesn't. Loving someones hard enough, but leaving them is torture, don't think I don't think of you now, i'm with you everyday dear. Never would be easy to hear babe, but you have nothing to fear babe, just think of all the things that i've done to you, anytime you want to be bad girl. (ba ba ba ba ba ba x3)

If you think that one's for you, you're probably right.


Orphan's Thanksgiving was a blast, though it wore me out! On Thursday, Frito and I cleaned and did some shopping. I finally crashed for awhile in the late afternoon and got up to find Scott making Kufta, which we ate while watching wrasslin'. I puttered around some more until I finally went to bed around 3AM, getting up at 6 to get the turkey on.
The plan was to smoke it, which we guessed would take about 9-12 hours. We had to keep the temperature between 200 and 250 degrees. We took turns watching Scott's digital thermometer and since we weren't using direct heat, it took a lot a fuel! We went through almost two big bags of charcoal.
Around noon I made the garlic mashed potatoes, I peeled 10 pounds worth! I added about five bulbs of garlic, ricotta cheese, butter, onion salt, kosher salt and fresh parsley.
Then I peeled and boiled some sweet potatoes (Scott wanted 'em...?) and added salt, butter, cinnamon, brown sugar, allspice, maple syrup and nutmeg. Since I never measure anything I can't pass on any recipes, but they both turned out great!
Laurie was the first to arrive, she brought bread and Maria showed up with antipasta and Frangos! (This is sad-btw)...I was good and crocked by then, thanks to the bloody mary and screwdrivers I'd made myself and Frito. Aaron and Oani showed up and Aaron tried to get me to play Halo and Crimson Skies, but I was too busy trying to stay upright!
Finally, the turkey was ready and I was told I was nominated to carve it. Great. I hacked at it and got about three plates of meat off it.
The meat was differently colored than oven-baked, but it had a salty-smoky flavor that was wonderful! I got a mess of my potatoes, cranberry sauce and some of Frito's apple-cornbread stuffing and parked on a couch. I got totally stuffed and wanted to crawl into bed but I stayed up and had some beers. I was totally wiped when Stu left around 2 (I think). Clean up went pretty smoothly and I spent the rest of Saturday sleeping...and eating leftovers.

On Sunday, The Chadster and I headed downtown. We had dinner at the Alibi Room then walked over to catch Norwegian black metallers Dimmu Borgir. Opening the show was Nevermore, Children of Bodom, and Hypocrisy. Hypocrisy was on first and I was not impressed...what did blow me away was the Showbox was fuggin' PACKED. I think I was the only person not wearing black (slaps forhead, wails "What was I thinking?!!") All night, this one guy kept bugging Chad and me, wanting us to boost him into the air during Dimmu's set...we tried to humor him but he kept going on and on about it!
Anyway, Hypocrisy...then only thing memorable about their set was the synchronized head banging. Which made me chuckle. Honest, I hadn't seen that since like, 1985! Fortunately, they weren't on long.
Chad told me that he'd downloaded some Children of Bodom and wasn't expecting much, but they came out and kicked ass! Gritty and Melodic, they were easily the most impressive band of the night, even more so when I found out that they're from Finland!
Nevermore bored me and I wanted to smack their smug singer upside the head. I'd seen them years ago when they were starting out during the grunge years. By the time Dimmu Borgir came on, I'd had enough, though I was impressed with Nick Carter's masterful drumming. The guy who wanted us to launch him disappeared sometime after COB set, I didn't see him again all night...weird. I guess "metal" is back!

You heard it here -- first!

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