Weekend Recap:

Stu's party was a hoot. I got there around 10 and walked into a house fulla people. Some folks I hadn't seen in yonks: Alison C., Muz, Casey, Mike W., Marcus and his lovely wife, Tina, Cinnamon and Andy, X-tina, Rob and Annie and Stu's mom and brother. Most everyone bailed by one, so me, Stu, Muz, X-tina and her friend sat around and watched season 1 of The Office (which was my present - Frito gave him Herbie Hancock's new box set). X-tina gave Stu a hilarious lecture on how now that he was a home owner, more women would find him attractive. "'Cause you got EQUITY!" she said. By 4AM most everyone had fallen asleep. I was feeling sober enough to drive so I rode home through empty street to the empty house - Frito's gone for the next 10 days!
On Saturday, there was a Beatles' White Album cover night at the Sunset Tavern in Ballard. Fey Ray was slotted to play "Long Long Long." We got to the bar around 8 after eating dinner at Hattie's Hat. I think we were a bit intimidated by both the crowd and all the other bands there. There were A LOT of ol' skool sceneters in the the place: John Ramburg, Kurt Bloch, Ben London and Scott McCaughey to name a few. We pretty much hid out in the back of the dressing area while we waited our turn. The club was packed! You could'nt even get to the bar without serious effort, so after a few beers we decided to chill. Everyone was in a good mood, the musicians and their friends were all cheering each other on or discussing their instruments. Hannah Levin from The Stranger was the MC and she was hanging around back, looking sexy in a 60's style dress and go-go boots. At one point a gorgeous raven-haired young lady sat next to me to talk to a friend of hers. He went to get them some beers and she introduced herself to me as "Jesse." She asked if I was playing and I said yes and introduced her to all the guys. Then she wanted to know if we were from around Seattle. I told her yes, that we'd been playing gigs for the last couple of years but we'd just spent the last six months working on our album. She seemed somewhat befuddled that she'd never heard of us before.
"We're not really scenesters," I said. "We don't drink at The Cha Cha." Turned out I was talking to Jessie Sykes!! Had I known, I would've been gushing all over her-so it's probably good that I'd only heard her music up to that point.
The performances were pretty cool. Most bands did fairly straight covers or rocked out. Sanford Arms' "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" kicked ass, as did Jake London's "I'm So Tired" and Paul Hiraga's (from Downpilot) "Julia" was cool. I thought the most interesting cover was "Blackbird" done with trumpet and bass in a Miles Davis style.
We finally got on around 1AM and nailed it! I didn't allow myself to get nervous and the fellas were quietly confident, which helped 'cause we feed off each other's energy. It was over so fast, I barely remember it! We got mad props as we came offstage and hell, if Kurt Bloch liked it, it's good enough for me! I bailed during "Revolution 9" and rode home. HAPPY!!

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