It's been a busy day. I got off work at 7AM, came home and found I couldn't sleep. I wrote some posts, fell in love with Nigella, talked to some people on the phone, sent some email.
At 4PM I went downtown to attend a work related seminar that lasted about an hour. Cindy took Whiskey out to the dog park, where he promptly got into an altercation with a German Shepard, requiring him getting some staples and an overnight stay in the doggy hospital.
Frito came home and told me that Fey Ray may be featured in an online mag! Whoop!
Cindy made dinner for all of us, we rocked out to GBV and then I took off for Studio Seven.
I got there in time to catch the beginning of NMVGPRTS set. The fellas looked nervous, but by their third song, they hit their stride. I guess (if you haven't gone to their page and downloaded the mp3's there) Sean and Gaz's clean and melodic guitar lines make me wanna say their music is like a proggy Pell Mell. I mentioned this to Sean and he was quite pleased with the comparison, being a huge Pell Mell fan! Chad played drums on their first song, then traded with Jason who was playing bass.
The crowd was digging their set and asked for an encore, but got the big TD.
They have more gigs coming up, so check out their site for more info (it's over on the left)
Next up was Veronsky, who sounded a lot like Primus...a band I really don't care for. Some of the grooves were cool, but I prefer melody and dynamics over intricate math-y playing.
Last (but not least!) was TransAtlantic IceFloe...I've written quite a bit about them but then I really feel y'all should recognize! Their music is like standing under a clear blue sky and watching a shimmering, shiny sheet-like object fluttering high above -- Only to watch it turn hard, angular, heavy and sharp, crashing to earth and causing terrible distruction before reverting to its former form and floating away again....And no...I am not high.
Tab and Megan seemed to have a more, ah, physical response to the music, but they may have been exaggerating!
I'm home now (duh!) and haven't slept in over 24 hours...

Orf to bed!

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