Nine Wunnerful Things About Mercedes:

1. She's smart ('natch! She dated me!)
2. She speaks Norwegian(!) and French fluently, can get around in Spanish and Italian, Japanese and know a little Thai(!)
3. She's lived in France and Egypt.
4. Still tells me she loves me (after all these years!)
5. She sings and Acts.
6. She loves my musical suggestions.
7. She tells great stories.
8. Has interesting nicknames for her friends (I'm BoyStacey)
9. Reads my blog!

Hey, that was pretty easy! I know some of you are going "When is he gonna extol my virtues?!"
Well, probably someday soon, but until then --
You just haven't earned it yet, baby/You just haven't earned it my son
You just haven't earned it yet, baby/You must suffer and cry for slightly longer

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