The NYE CHAC festivities went well. We pre-functioned at Stu's before taking the bus over. We got there early enough to squeeze into a booth and...from there the night becomes a blur! But nobody got killed or pregnant-so it was all good.
Yesterday, Micah invited me to play some Dub during happy hour at the Baltic Room. In addition to a couple free drinks, I made 10 bucks!!
2004 already feels better than last year. Even The Doldrums aren't bothering me. (Maybe I had my SAD-induced funk early this year-like in May) Today I resolved some long-standing issues with someone I love dearly but don't communicate with as well as I should.
It's been snowing off and on all day and I'm looking forward to chillin' at the homestead with Frito and Cindy.
That mighty post-rock outfit that El Stu plays drums in: TransAtlantic Ice Floe is playing Sonarchy Radio on KEXP (KEXP.org) tonight at 11 (PST). Please tune in! I hope they play "King of Prussia" 'cause that shit is EPIC, yo.

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