Revelation #804

I have this theory: The fifth time is the best. Whether you're at band practice and working on a new song - or getting it on with your new main squeeze, the fifth time is ossem!
I used to say that songs by Guided By Voices sounded like they reheased them exactly five times and committed them to tape. At the time I said this, it was an observation, although some of those that agreed with me thought it was a put-down.
My bandmate Matt used to say, "Pollard writes great parts."
I was pretty ambivelent about GBV for most of the time I've known about them. I picked up "Bee Thousand" and "Alien Lanes" and even "Isolation Drills". I admit that I don't much care for the newer, shiny-ier, model (which I guess started somewhere around "Mag Earhwig!") but compared to some people I know, I wouldn't even rate as a fan (After all, this band has like, three box sets) until Sunday, when I picked up "The Best of Guided By Voices: Human Amusements at Hourly Rates". Some of these tunes I know already from the three aforementioned albums, but the rest!
It's like seeing the fuckin' Sistine Chapel in person for the first time!
How come none of you fuckers grabbed me by the lapels and made me listen to "The Best of Jill Hives" or "Teenage FBI"?!"
Stu once told me that Frank Zappa had something he called his "Conceptual Continuity", I guess that if you listened to all the albums, some sort of secret would be revealed. I'm convinced that it's Robert Pollard who holds the secrets. All I have to do is keep listening...

Anybody who can pen 32 songs as good as these (and this is only a small selection of their total output) is a friggin genius.

Matt, you betta recognize!

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