Thanks to all those who came out and supported us at our record release party last night! It was a lot of fun!


Cry me a fucking river.

Andrew Sullivan declares himself an "independent". Whassamatter Andy? You were Republican while this administration was using deception to pursue an (admittedly) illegal war, trashing 50 years of international co-operation and enriching its friends along the way.
You looked the other way while that same adminstration gave itself uprecedented new powers and trampled on civil liberties, ditched treaties and embarassed this country time and again cynically using patriotism and the memory of 9/11 to acheive its aims.
But now that they've finally stopped screwing other people and decided (not surprisingly) to trample your garden, now you wanna leave?
This isn't the scales falling from Saul's eyes. Oh no. I suspect you'll still be carrying water for the cause, but now you can look down your nose at your former allies. You may have heard of a document called the Constitution?! You know, "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness?" See, some of us believe in justice for all...not when it's convenient, or morally or politically expedient.

You poor, sad, fuck...You're just a rat jumping ship.
Arianna's got more balls than you.

My new theme song:

Satan Is My Motor (Cake)

I’ve got wheels of polished steel
I’ve got tires that grab the road
I’ve got seats that selflessly hold my friends
And a trunk that can carry the heaviest of loads

I’ve got a mind that can steer me to your house
And a heart that can bring you red flowers
My intentions are good and earnest and true
But under my hood is internal combustion
Satan is my motor
Hear my motor purr
Satan is my motor
Hear my motor purr
Satan is the only one who seems to understand
Satan is my motor

I’ve got brakes
I’m wide awake
I can stop this car at any time
At the very last second I can change directions
Turn completely around if I feel so inclined

I’ve got a mind that can steer me to your house
And a heart that can bring you red flowers
My intentions are good and earnest and true
But under my hood is internal combustion

Satan is my motor
Hear my motor purr
Satan is my motor
Hear my motor purr
Satan is the only one who seems to understand
Satan is my motor
Satan is the only one who seems to understand
Funniest Thing Evar

Cindy: Oh Crap, I left my waxer on! I gotta wax somebody!! Stacey?
Me: Erm, OK...Can I get a Brazillian?!
Cindy: Ew. Scott?

OK. It's Fat Tuesday. The Fey Ray album is out. I'm told there are posters up at Sonic Boom and an ad in The Stranger. Check it!
The gig is tomorrow. The Stares. Fey Ray. The Malinks. Deets here.

I sure you're sick of reading about it, trust me...I feel you, I've lived with some of these songs for a couple of years now. It's out and can be judged or enjoyed for what it is (and since I have no control over how it hits ya, I won't get too worked worked up if you love it or hate it). It's time to play some shows, promote it as best we can and think about the next one. So, unless we get a review worth mentioning, we can move on.

This was posted over at MetaFilter...thought I'd post it here.


The Army Kills Comanche Helicopter Program

"The Bush administration has now killed the two biggest Army weapons programs it inherited from the Clinton administration," Thompson said, referring to the Crusader and Comanche."

Further down:

"The Comanche program was started in 1983 (emphasis mine) and had survived many reviews. Initial production was scheduled to begin in 2006."

If you follow this link you'll notice in reference to the Crusader:

"Opposition to killing the Crusader erupted immediately. Three ranking Republican lawmakers from Oklahoma, where much of the cannon is to be produced, led the charge, joined by a phalanx of retired army officers and an alliance of manufacturers who will make their case to Congress."

Not to mention that the Crusader program is only being replaced by another (slightly less ambitious one)

Man, I guess if Clinton didn't exist, they'd have to invent him, huh?
Suspension was pretty cool. As they say in the Party Volcano newsletter, the best thing about going to a ConWorks opening is running into people you haven't seen in awhile. That was very true. James and Carmel, Plastiq Phantom, Kento and Michiko (IQU), Carl, Rob, Annie, Evan, Annie and Ethan and Darcy were all in the house. We saw performances by IQU and Tamara the Trapeeze lady (I saw her act at the Pink Door a few weeks earlier). Plan B was ossem and DJ Charles Mudede kicked out some lovely six-ton dub off his laptop.
The best part of the night was IQU's set. They've got a new album recorded and I was amazed at how they kept everything together. As usual, they stood behind a table piled high with gear. Kento sang, played guitar and theremin, scratched records and twiddled effects. Michiko sang, played keyboards and guitar-synth. Somehow they make it look easy and fun.
During their set, a woman was being tied up. She was wearing a red sleeveless cheongsam and as two security guards stood on each side of her and watched, a older bearded guy, wearing biker's chaps, slowly and methodically tied ropes around her breasts, thighs, hips and ankles. It was fascinating. The guy was wearing a wedding ring, but the girl wasn't. They seemed to know and trust each other. Even though I was less than two feet away, I couldn't hear anything they were saying to each other as he tied and tested her bonds. After various adjustments were made, he kissed on the cheek and she was hoisted high into the air about 20 feet overhead, where she slowly undulated and stretched, wearing the serene smile of a madman or saint the whole time.
On Saturday, we went out to breakfast at Mae's Phinney Ridge Cafe. I wanted to stop by the Trading Musician and look at gear. I'd been think about buying a new bass or amp or both, but I found an excellent Carvin preamp/power amp combo for a fairly decent price! I couldn't wait to get it to band practice and oh. my. goodness...my pant legs trembled in the wind it produced! (Instead of the wind I produce, ifyaknowhutImean...)
Saturday night, Stu and I went to our friend X-tina's (Christina) going away party. She's getting married and moving to Alaska to start a hunting/fishing lodge with her beau Dan. It's sad to see her go, but now Stu and I have a reason to go to Alaska and do some fishing!

It's going to be a busy week! I've got practice again tonight for the show on Wednesday. The album comes out tomorrow. Scott and Cindy got in last night, (on Friday night, he flew out to meet her in Minneapolis so he could help her drive) so we'll have to make some space for her, clean for the party on Saturday...


From the Seattle P-I:

More new releases
Fans of melancholy boy pop have much to love this week as we celebrate two record releases by local bands with wistful (if not downright downtrodden) aesthetics. The rest of you, you'll get your chance, so just sit tight.

Sanford Arms blends the lugubrious dirges of Josh Hayden's Spain with the swirling pop of newer Flaming Lips. This is a good thing. The band celebrates the release of its latest, "The Twilight Era," at the Sunset tonight with the Marc Olsen Band and Saeta (9; $7).

Approaching the genre with a slightly heavier take is quartet Fey Ray. The band's debut, "I Wanna Be New and Perfect," is a gently rocking prog opus that occasionally smells Phish-y. They'll celebrate the release on Wednesday at the Sunset with the Stares and the Malinks (9 p.m.; $5). The Stares are busy recording their debut (and garnering a lot of attention, I'm told), so watch for further news.

Phish-y(???!!!) Augggh!!!



Things are humming right along, per usual. On Monday night, Frito and I went to Laurie's for Movie Night. We watched Repo Man! Tim, Tabitha, Stu and Maria were in the house. Laurie made a wonderful Bourbon cake, which we enjoyed with the Chunky Monkey ice cream Stu brought.
I got a raise...Yay! Other than that, not much else to report. I did do some reading on the web about the Borgias and the Medicis, which was both entertaining and shocking. Listened to some Fela and landed on a page about the Gay Deceiver.
I've seen reports saying Howard Dean is about to drop out of the race. It will be interesting to see how the whole Kerry/Edwards thing pans out. Frankly, I'm a bit surprised and concerned about Kerry's spectacular ascension. I'm not happy about his voting for the PATRIOT Act and the war, and I fear he may turn out to be some weird version of "Clinton lite" without the charisma, or something even worse. More than Dean's implosion, I'm puzzled by Clark's lackluster showing -- I didn't care for the guy myself but I thought he'd do much better. I guess I was expecting a more vigorous contest!
Aside from that, I've been obsessed with getting a new P-bass (and I think I've found the one I want!) and combing various online catalogs for cool mods for my bike. Dim Sum is in the works today. I'm craving baked Hum Bow.
I'm thinking of going to Conworks for the Suspension opening on Friday...Traci and Trish are bartending and IQU, Charles Mudede (from the Stranger) and Plan B are all playing.


I can't believe it's Monday again.

The weekend was so short! I met up with my new friend Liz for coffee on Friday. We hung out for awhile then went to the Baltic Room to meet up with Stu and Neil.
Megan-Poo was having a party at her place and me and the boys headed there. Frito joined us and we listened to music and talked and mixed drinks. I left around midnight.
I went over to Liz's on Saturday morning, we had breakfast and spent most of the day hanging out. Then I came home and Frito and I went over to Louise's place in Fremont for a little V-day gathering. Stu, Annie, Ji-Huyn, Alex, Brian, Megan, Lindsay and a few others showed up. There was tons of food and Frito and I brought a huge heart-shaped chocolate-chip cookie, shaped like a heart and a half-rack of Ranier. It was a nice mellow evening.

Matt was interviewed by MUSIC CONNECTION magazine. I don't know when it will appear, but he said it went well...and since it's our (Fey Ray's) first, it's pretty significant. Also, Frito posted the pictures from last weeks photo shoot of the Fey Ray site, check 'em out!


Day Late, Dollar Short.

So I go and spend money on a new rain suit and boots and it's fookin' practically balmy out!

I ain't complaining though. I love looking up at Orion on a clear night...

Got my hairs twisted today. I look like a member of Korn's middle-aged brigades, but I think it'll turn out nicely.
I had to do something, it's a real drag to wake up and find birds nesting in yr hair. And my helmets wouldn't fit anymore!

Back in the day, Jay and I used to fantisize about the "Jackass Crusher". (Basically a Hot Wheels track with grip tape on one end) It's purpose was to smack the shit out of annoying people.

Then I get this link from Megan: http://ipa.buffalostate.edu/~etrigan/stfu.html

Man, if I could crush fools like that, I wouldn't be nearly so grumpy!


Segway Killa?

Bombardier, maker of planes, trains and water mobiles, forged a new way to battle wet and heavy terrain when it introduced the first snowmobile in 1942. Sixty-one years later, the transport manufacturer is again out to re-invent personal travel, this time on dry ground and congested city streets -- and on one wheel.

Now, that's kinda cool. I wonder how dorky I'd look on one, though. (Very, I bet.)

Frito is back from his weekend in Houston. Control of the dog is returned and I'm in a good mood. It's getting lighter out on my way home, which is ossem, Nigella is on today and Chelsea won over the weekend. What could be better, I ask you?!
Well, Trish asked me to be her Valentine! And Louise wants to pinch my cheeks! I don't know what that means, exactly, but it's nice to be asked.
Currently, the plan is for all of us single folk to converge on Louise's for food and drink and then maybe head down to TOST afterwards. I may go out and purchase a new red shirt just for the occasion!
Now that I think about it, I just realized that I've only had a girlfriend on one(!) Valentine's Day. Usually, I meet someone before or after, but it's been a long time since I've had to send flowers...not that I haven't given them for other reasons.
Hm. Maybe that'll change next year.
There are plenty of other things that make me happy, tho. Fr'instance go-go dancing in the living room to "Take the Fifth" by Spoon (Quite possibly my favorite band right now -- go their site and download some mp3's!), or watching Nigella's show or reading Robert Fagle's translation of The Illiad, which was suggested to me by my new friend Anika. (That's right, Calvino's on hold -- actually, I read the first book of the Illiad, bought The Phoenix Exultant, read that in two days, then went back to The Illiad -- I said mercurial, remember?!)
And the record release is coming AND Saturday after next, we're having a party!! The official reason is President's Day, but I think that, a) we've all sufficiently recovered from the holidays and are due a little hootenanny and b) Frito and I need an excuse to clean house...or something like that.
Anyway, Scott has 10 gallons of home brew (an ale and a stout, I think) fermenting in carboys in the kitchen. I suppose he'll keg 'em next week. Dunno if he'll BBQ, but one can always hope, eh?

Correction- Frito just came in and told me we have to push the date back to the 28th! Cindy is moving out here that weekend and he needs to help her drive. Good thing I didn't send out invitations yet!


Pretty mellow this weekend. I met Stu and Tabitha for Chinese food on Friday night. We then stopped by a video store and picked up a couple of movies. Tab wanted something "intense", so instead of '28 Days Later' (my pick, natch), we watched "The Lover". I dunno what to say about that other it was mildly sexy, but the age difference and racial stuff was a total buzzkill.
On Saturday, I rode across town to pick up my bass and stopped by my favorite teriyaki joint. Later on, some of my coworkers met for a night of games. Mercy came along and we played "Hoopla". Scattergories and Tri-something or other. We drank a lot...
Today, I met Stu and Tracy for Dim Sum down the street from SH. I ate enough to kill at horse then went to band practice. Bradley Hansen and his lovely wife Molly came down and we took some band pictures. Now it's time to make some zzz's before work.


O Mighty God of Ass!
coming down from on high
your castle in the sky
I see it all so clearly now....

a day is just a day

an hour is but an hour

there is no truth in yesterday
no promise in tomorrow
live life without regrets
and watch your garden grow

Googie majoogie, Free.

-- Thanks, buddy.


Fey Rayage

There's nothing I can comment on specifically, but I just got an email from our A & R Swine (Artist & Repitoire Representative) AKA Frito, that we may be reviewed in as many as six publications in the next couple of months! All of the feedback I've heard so far has been really positive.
I've lived with some of those tunes for as long as two years. Now that they're committed to plastic, I'm eager to move on, 'cause it's the creative process more than performing or anything else, that I get off on. I'm excited about the next one, even though we've only got 2-3 new songs.
I've played bass in bands since 1987. Many of those that I used to jam with have completely stopped making music.
I don't have any airs about being an "artiste" (or getting rich from music) but man, putting something out for public consumption is nerve-wracking. It's like wearing a blindfold in a room full of people, not knowing if you'll receive a pat or a punch! While I don't think we'll be everone's cup of tea, I'm hoping that we make enough new fans so that don't have to keep begging friends to show up on a weeknight! I should say the album is more "pop" than our live sound, but that works for Death Cab for Cutie, why shouldn't it for us?

If you haven't already, check out the newly redesigned website. Mad props to Scott & Pete for coding and design!
We'll be adding new content soon!

Request us on KEXP!


Another Action-Packed Weekend.

On Friday I was visited by Mercedes. We went to breakfast at a little joint up the street. I was tad delirious and sleepy and when that happens I talk like there's no tomorrow. Mercy asked questions about my folks and their history. It's surprising to find out what you'd forgotten and things you don't about your parents and grandparents. But I think I kept her entertained. She was looking hot and funky and was jazzed about having a good day with "her kids" (she teaches Drama to ah, kids with "authority issues").
I was supposed meet Suze for Pho that evening so I crashed for 3 hours, then rode up to Broadway. Suze was there and we got caught up over bowls of hot beef noodle soup. I was to meet Frito at the Baltic so I hopped on Betty and headed down Broadway.
At the intersection of Broadway and Pine, I heard someone yelling at me:
"Hey!! Hey You!!"
I turned around and this scruffy-looking white dude in dirty old acid-wash jeans and a dun-colored coat started walking towards me.
"Hey!" He yelled again.
"What?!" I was getting annoyed.
"Bite my ass!!" He roared, bending over and shaking it at me. The light changed
"Grow one!" I yelled back, moving off (He was really skinny.)
That was so random!
I laughed all the way to the Baltic.

I got to the Baltic and Tess, Aaron, Maria and to my surprise, Christo and Mickey were in the joint! I hadn't seen either of them in months! Christo asked me about Betty and we started trading motorcycle stories, then Frito showed up. Around 9 or so, Frito and I rode down to The Crocodile Cafe to catch my labelmates Visqueen in action.
The place was pretty full and after getting some beer we went into the music room to catch the opening act, Big Business. Turned out that Big Business was fronted by former Karp and The Whip bassist Jared Warren. If you've been reading this awhile, perhaps you'll recall that yours truly was at the last Whip show before their drummer and former Baltic Room bartender, Scott Jurnigan got killed in a boating accident last summer.
As Jared and drummer Coady Willis (of the Murder City Devils and Broadcast Oblivion) took the stage, I suddenly understood why there were three Sunn amps daisy-chained together on top of four bass cabinets!
Dude -- they kicked ass! Imagine the power and majesty that was Botch coupled with The Melvins ossem whiplash riffage and distill that shit down to just drums and bass(!)
I wanted to beat somebody up. And I was told that there was a near riot in the back of the music room.
They only played four songs!
Next, was Spider Bites, which came on like a second-rate southern-fried Nirvana (for real...they were wearing meshback caps and sportin' huge belt buckles and stripper-type girlfriends nasty-dancing up front -- I don't think it was a joke). I think over half the crowd wanted to kick their ass. Some kid they had with them tried to get the crowd to clap for an encore -- which caused a woman next to me to shout, "GET THE FUCK OFF THE STAGE!"
I stared at her with a mixture of love and awe and we toasted each in agreement.
Visqueen came out and flat out rocked. They've been on tour for quite a while and they were tight and LOUD!! Rachel Flotard was cracking wise with stories about their trip around the States. They even kicked out an old Halfacat tune! Frito says they're going to record the follow-up to "King Me" in the spring.

Frito went off to get donuts on Saturday morning. I watched a little footie then we jumped into the Mini to run some errands. We stopped by Clay from Pattern 25 Records house to do a product swap and talk about the local music biz. Then I dropped one of my basses off at The Trading Musician for some repairs. I also wanted to check out an Italia Mondial 4-string they had in stock. I wound up buying a Digitech RP200 effects processor. Then we headed out to Northgate to Target and Best Buy, then grabbed some grub at Red Robin.
After a quick nap, Frito and I headed to this new club Premier, for AMZN's company party. Hit Explosion was kicking out the funk classics on the massive stage and most everyone was dressed up in either disco or pimp gear.
Oddly, none of the Amazonians I know were in the set. We ran into Julie, whose husband Arthur (SushiRobo) was playing the Croc that night. And we ran into Scott's buddy Lucas and his lovely and charming friend Anika, who totally busted me staring at her (intrigued -- not lust, OK?)but was still nice enough to talk to me anyway. Due to the fact that there is really only about two degrees of separation in this town we quickly found out she'd been to the Haus of Intrigue for WigNSkirt a couple of years ago!
After a while, Frito and I bailed and headed out to Fremont to TOST where some of the Sun|Tzu posse was spinning. Stu and Tabitha showed up, they'd been at the Arab and Iranian Film Festival Gala. (More info here.) We sat around and drank and cheered the heads on.
After the club closed, we grabbed a hot dog from a street vendor and headed home.
I slept in big time! Got up then went to band practice. I watched about a quarter of the Super Bowl, then went back to bed...then work.

I got this Italo Calvino novel I've been attempting to start recently. I kinda of want to read all of his books, having already borrowed and read The Nonexistant Knight and The Cloven Viscount from Stu awhile back. (But don't hold me to that, you should know how mercurial I can be when it comes to gettin' mah read on) So I read the Introduction and find "If on a winter's night a traveler" turns out to be not one novel but ten, each with a different plot, author, ambiance, style; each breaks off with the first chapter, at the moment of suspense. A labyrinth, no less, in which two readers, male and female, pursue the story lines that intrigue them. Thus, If on a winter's night a traveler gets inextricably mixed up with Outside the town of Malbork, a work of unquestionable Polish origin, redolent of somewhat carbonized onions.
As the book branches out into known and unknown literatures, including a translation from an extinct language, the author, not without malice, rings the changes of contemporary literature with virtuoso versatility. The two bewildered readers tie their own knots and end up in a king-size bed for parallel readings. They are the true heroes of the tale: for what would writing be without responsive readers?

Now I'm intimidated and my brain hurts.