The Army Kills Comanche Helicopter Program

"The Bush administration has now killed the two biggest Army weapons programs it inherited from the Clinton administration," Thompson said, referring to the Crusader and Comanche."

Further down:

"The Comanche program was started in 1983 (emphasis mine) and had survived many reviews. Initial production was scheduled to begin in 2006."

If you follow this link you'll notice in reference to the Crusader:

"Opposition to killing the Crusader erupted immediately. Three ranking Republican lawmakers from Oklahoma, where much of the cannon is to be produced, led the charge, joined by a phalanx of retired army officers and an alliance of manufacturers who will make their case to Congress."

Not to mention that the Crusader program is only being replaced by another (slightly less ambitious one)

Man, I guess if Clinton didn't exist, they'd have to invent him, huh?

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