Day Late, Dollar Short.

So I go and spend money on a new rain suit and boots and it's fookin' practically balmy out!

I ain't complaining though. I love looking up at Orion on a clear night...

Got my hairs twisted today. I look like a member of Korn's middle-aged brigades, but I think it'll turn out nicely.
I had to do something, it's a real drag to wake up and find birds nesting in yr hair. And my helmets wouldn't fit anymore!

Back in the day, Jay and I used to fantisize about the "Jackass Crusher". (Basically a Hot Wheels track with grip tape on one end) It's purpose was to smack the shit out of annoying people.

Then I get this link from Megan: http://ipa.buffalostate.edu/~etrigan/stfu.html

Man, if I could crush fools like that, I wouldn't be nearly so grumpy!

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