Fey Rayage

There's nothing I can comment on specifically, but I just got an email from our A & R Swine (Artist & Repitoire Representative) AKA Frito, that we may be reviewed in as many as six publications in the next couple of months! All of the feedback I've heard so far has been really positive.
I've lived with some of those tunes for as long as two years. Now that they're committed to plastic, I'm eager to move on, 'cause it's the creative process more than performing or anything else, that I get off on. I'm excited about the next one, even though we've only got 2-3 new songs.
I've played bass in bands since 1987. Many of those that I used to jam with have completely stopped making music.
I don't have any airs about being an "artiste" (or getting rich from music) but man, putting something out for public consumption is nerve-wracking. It's like wearing a blindfold in a room full of people, not knowing if you'll receive a pat or a punch! While I don't think we'll be everone's cup of tea, I'm hoping that we make enough new fans so that don't have to keep begging friends to show up on a weeknight! I should say the album is more "pop" than our live sound, but that works for Death Cab for Cutie, why shouldn't it for us?

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