From the Seattle P-I:

More new releases
Fans of melancholy boy pop have much to love this week as we celebrate two record releases by local bands with wistful (if not downright downtrodden) aesthetics. The rest of you, you'll get your chance, so just sit tight.

Sanford Arms blends the lugubrious dirges of Josh Hayden's Spain with the swirling pop of newer Flaming Lips. This is a good thing. The band celebrates the release of its latest, "The Twilight Era," at the Sunset tonight with the Marc Olsen Band and Saeta (9; $7).

Approaching the genre with a slightly heavier take is quartet Fey Ray. The band's debut, "I Wanna Be New and Perfect," is a gently rocking prog opus that occasionally smells Phish-y. They'll celebrate the release on Wednesday at the Sunset with the Stares and the Malinks (9 p.m.; $5). The Stares are busy recording their debut (and garnering a lot of attention, I'm told), so watch for further news.

Phish-y(???!!!) Augggh!!!

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