Funniest Thing Evar

Cindy: Oh Crap, I left my waxer on! I gotta wax somebody!! Stacey?
Me: Erm, OK...Can I get a Brazillian?!
Cindy: Ew. Scott?

OK. It's Fat Tuesday. The Fey Ray album is out. I'm told there are posters up at Sonic Boom and an ad in The Stranger. Check it!
The gig is tomorrow. The Stares. Fey Ray. The Malinks. Deets here.

I sure you're sick of reading about it, trust me...I feel you, I've lived with some of these songs for a couple of years now. It's out and can be judged or enjoyed for what it is (and since I have no control over how it hits ya, I won't get too worked worked up if you love it or hate it). It's time to play some shows, promote it as best we can and think about the next one. So, unless we get a review worth mentioning, we can move on.

This was posted over at MetaFilter...thought I'd post it here.

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